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Phil Harris University of Chester, UK

Professor Phil Harris is Professor Emeritus at the University of Chester and was previously Executive Director of the Business Research Institute and held the Westminster (Grosvenor) Chair in Marketing and Public Affairs. He is a past Chairman of the Marketing Council (UK) PLC, Board member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Professor of Marketing at the University of Otago, New Zealand and Founding Director of the Centre for Corporate and Public Affairs at Manchester Metropolitan University. Prior to becoming an academic he held positions in the international chemical, and foods industries with ICI and RHM and has chaired or been a board member of the American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing, and the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy. He has advised government on Medium Sized Businesses and Small Business and helped found the Educate North Awards in 2015 and University Enterprise Challenge in 2016 and is very focused on developing high quality entrepreneurs regionally and internationally both in the not for profit, private and public sectors.