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Nicholas Souter University of Strathclyde, UK

Nicholas (Nicky) Souter’s early years were spent exploring woodland, peat bogs, lochs, and the local Campsie Fells taking in their natural history.

His first formal science lesson in ‘the big school’ included being told that the universe includes matter and energy. That elegant and intriguing starting point was the hook that set him on a lifelong journey of sharing science, its processes and philosophies, with school pupils and teachers.  He possesses undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in life science and in education, is a Chartered Science Teacher and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.  Nicky has held teaching, leadership, and examining roles in secondary and higher education.  Academic life at the University of Strathclyde included teaching, research, consultancy, and authorship, having contributed to more than 25 books, several of which offered supportive advice to life science teaching at all levels of the school curriculum.  Following retirement consultancy, providing primary science CPD and citizen science projects keep him engaged in science and science education.

Nicky asserts ‘secure learning is built upon first-hand direct experiences’.