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Hewson, Lorna

Lorna Hewson

Lorna Hewson is a passionate educator who is co-founder and Lead Learner of Jigsaw Learning, a Canadian consulting company that provides support for educators. She is an engaging presenter, facilitator, coach and mentor and has served to support classrooms, schools and districts nationally and internationally. An Alberta Excellence in Teaching Award winner, Lorna has served diverse roles in schools and districts and has a wealth of experience in essentially every area of development in supporting the needs of districts, schools, staff and students. She has served in district leadership roles in curriculum, learning and inclusive services as well as experience in curriculum implementation and design at the provincial level and has had the privilege to serve as the chair of the Alberta Assessment Consortium. Lorna engages in a variety of support structures with systems, including coaching, mentoring, leading and facilitating schools and districts in Collaborative Response, designing and coordinating teams throughout systems, and building inclusive frameworks that ensure every child has a team to identify and meet their needs.