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Taylor, Kandice

Kandice Taylor

Dr. Kandice Taylor is a goal-driven experienced school administrator who has achieved success and recognition for improving student outcomes in schools identified as “challenging.” She demonstrates skills in analyzing issues, improving student achievement outcomes, building community among staff to change the climate and culture of the school environment, and building capacity in teacher leaders. Dr. Taylor has received state-level citations for her school transformation efforts and county-level honors, including the 2018–2019 Secondary Principal of the Year award.

Dr. Taylor has over 20 years of active leadership experience in public and higher education with the past 10 years focused on transformational leadership while building capacity among aspiring leaders. She has served as a teacher, an assistant principal, an assistant to the assistant superintendent, and a principal. Dr. Taylor also works as a lecturer and mentor principal for graduate students at Morgan State University and has served as a consulting principal for Towson University. She is also a founding partner in Equity in Education Partners, an organization that works to dismantle structural and systemic racism, sexism, classism, and ableism to ensure access for multi-racial/multi-ethnic communities.

Dr. Taylor received a B.S. in telecommunications from Morgan State University, an M.A. in leadership in teaching and English from Notre Dame of Maryland University, and an Ed.D. in urban education with a social policy concentration from Morgan State University.