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Eleanor C. Hunt Western Governors University, USA

Eleanor (Ellie) Hunt, DNP, RN-BC is faculty at Western Governors University in the Nursing Informatics Specialty program. Dr. Hunt is an informatics subject matter expert at the Nursing Knowledge Center (ANA), and consults in clinical informatics. Dr. Hunt earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Science in Nursing with concentrations in Health Systems Leadership & Outcomes and Nursing Informatics from Duke University, a Doctor of Nursing Practice from East Carolina University, and held certification in Nursing Informatics from ANCC since 1998. Dr. Hunt lectures locally and nationally on informatics topics, has published a Nursing Informatics Implementation book via Springer, and has published chapters and peer & non-peer reviewed articles on nursing and clinical informatics topics. Scholarly interests include usability, workflow analysis, and data analytics.

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