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Digby Warren London Metropolitan University, UK

Professor Digby Warren is Professor of Higher Education at London Metropolitan University. Digby has been working in higher education development for over 25 years. His chief area of expertise is curriculum development and higher education pedagogy, about which he has produced over 60 conference papers, published articles and book chapters - with a focus on student diversity and transformational approaches. Currently Head of the Centre for Professional and Educational Development, as a consultant member (2004-2008) of the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development he delivered workshops at a number of UK universities, and was also co-editor of conference proceedings for the London series of International Conferences on the Scholarship of Learning & Teaching (2005 to 2010). On the international front, he played a lead role in two successful EU-funded projects (2011-2018) to modernise higher education, using curriculum and teaching development as a driver for innovation.