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Brigitte Aulenbacher Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Brigitte Aulenbacher is Professor of Sociology at Johannes Kepler University Linz/Austria. She combines studies on science, domestic work, senior care and the digital transformation of work with the analysis of contemporary capitalism. In 2019, she received the Kurt-Rothschild-Award for her works on Karl Polanyi, while also serving as Vice-President of the International Karl Polanyi Society. Co-edited publications include: 2018, Global Sociology of Care and Care Work, Current Sociology Monograph, Vol. 66, No. 4, Monograph 2, SAGE (with H. Lutz, B. Riegraf); 2019, Capitalism in Transformation, Movements and Countermovements in the 21st Century, Edward Elgar (with R. Atzmüller, U. Brand, F. Décieux, K. Fischer, B. Sauer); 2020, Karl Polanyi – The Life and Works of an Epochal Thinker, Falter (with M. Marterbauer, A. Novy, K. Polanyi-Levitt, A. Thurnher). As an ISA member, she has served as Vice-Chair of the LOC of the III ISA Forum of Sociology Vienna (2016) and as Editor of Global Dialogue (2018–22).