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An Introduction to Middle East Politics

An Introduction to Middle East Politics

Second Edition
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December 2017 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This new edition of An Introduction to Middle East Politics continues to provide an expansive survey of Middle East politics, thoroughly revised and restructured in response to events currently taking place. Written in a lively and accessible manner, MacQueen takes students on a tour of the region’s modern political history up to the present, clearly signposting key events and issues.

Providing comprehensive coverage of all key themes in Middle East politics, this book covers:

  • Historical Legacies; The Ottoman Empire, WWI, colonialism and the Cold War; nationalism and Islamist politics
  • Authoritarianism in Egypt, Algeria and Syria; political changes in Iran; the politics of oil in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States; Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab States
  • The Syrian conflict including regional ramifications and particular focus on the Syrian refugee crisis
Each chapter includes a timeline, learning objectives, study questions and annotated further reading and the book finishes with a glossary. Contemporary and fascinating, with dedicated material on culture, gender, ethnicity and minorities, this book is a crucial companion for students of Middle East politics.

The Ottoman Empire and its Legacy
The Colonial Period
Superpower Rivalry and the Cold War
Nationalism, Islamism and the Politics of Ideology
Israel, the Palestinians and the Peace Process
Oil, Economy and Development
Democratisation and the Arab Uprisings
International Relations of the Middle East in the new Global Order
External Intervention and Invasion
The Syrian Conflict

An Introduction to Middle East Politics is a fountain of carefully selected information and accessible analysis. The politics of the Middle East could be very confusing, even for veteran observers. But Benjamin MacQueen has managed to present a seamless account of the most pressing challenging in the region with just the right dose of historical and cultural background. The discussion of the politics of oil, challenges to democratisation, and the US policy in the region in the aftermath of the Arab Spring is superb. This book is a tour de force and an essential item for any collection on the Middle East.

Shahram Akbarzadeh
Deakin University

This is an important book for those studying middle eastern politics proviing a non Biased approach

Mr Michael Donaldson
Care Humatities and sport, North Glasgow Collge
March 16, 2020

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