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An Introduction to Criminology

An Introduction to Criminology

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November 2021 | 640 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A comprehensive introduction to all the key topics, perspectives, and themes that you will cover when studying criminology and criminal justice.

An Introduction to Criminology provides you with a thorough grounding in the main traditions and perspectives within the discipline and introduces cutting edge emerging themes that will shape criminology for years to come. It features insight from over 30 international experts with each chapter written by leading specialists within the field, giving you an in-depth and authoritative account of each vital area of study, from organised crime and victimisation to life-course criminology, prisons, and youth justice.

Key features:

  • Covers emerging areas of criminology and contemporary issues such as cybercrime, cultural criminology, hate crime, human trafficking, and gendered violence.
  • Contains a range of features to help you study, including case studies and questions, student voices and advice, reflective exercises and more.
  • Supports lecturers by providing access to a suite of online resources, featuring exclusive video content from the SAGE Video Criminology Collection, critical thinking exercises, multiple choice tests, and sample essay questions.

Essential reading for any student of criminology, this will be a go-to reference text throughout your studies.

Part 1: Introduction to Crime and Criminology
Linda Asquith
Chapter 1: Being a Criminologist
Eloise Moss
Chapter 2: History and Crime
Jacki Tapley
Chapter 3: Crime, Victimisation and Criminology
Andromachi Tseloni and Elaine Duncan
Chapter 4: Tool of the Trade: Crime, Survey and Big Data
Sarah Moore
Chapter 5: Crime and the Media
Part 2: Theories and Concepts of Criminology
Michael Rowe
Chapter 6: Approaches to Criminological Theory
Thomas Raymen
Chapter 7: Social Harm and Zemiology: Expanding the Horizons of Criminology
Loraine Gelsthorpe and Lucy Trafford
Chapter 8: Feminist Criminologies
Tara Renae McGee, David P. Farrington and Darrick Jolliffe
Chapter 9: Development and Life-Course Criminology
Keith Hayward and Jairo Matallana-Villarreal
Chapter 10: Cultural Criminology
Max Travers
Chapter 11: Southern and Comparative Criminology
Part 3: Contemporary Challenges
Francis Gaffney and Carl Wearn
Chapter 12: Cyber Crime
Francis Gaffney
Chapter 13: Terrorism
David Whyte
Chapter 14: Corporate Crime and the Regulation of Ecocide
Xavier L’Hoiry and Jo Large
Chapter 15: Organised and Transnational Crime
Angus Nurse
Chapter 16: Green Crimes and Green Criminology
Laura Connelly
Chapter 17: Trafficking and Exploitation
Neil Chakraborti and Stevie-Jade Hardy
Chapter 18: Hate Crime
Tina G. Patel
Chapter 19: Race and Racialized Crime
Nicola Groves
Chapter 20: Gender, Crime and Victimization
Part 4: Criminal Justice Practice
Murray Lee and Alex Simpson
Chapter 21: Social Control
Natasha Mulvihill and Marianne Hester
Chapter 22: Models of Justice
Pamela Davies
Chapter 23: Partnership and Multi-Agency Working: Tackling Domestic Abuse
Ben Bradford
Chapter 24: Policing
Joanne Clough
Chapter 25: The Crown Prosecution Service
Kayliegh Richardson
Chapter 26: The Court System in England and Wales
Paul Biddle, Lyndsey Bengtsson and Aaron Amankwaa
Chapter 27: Out of Court Disposals and Diversion
George Mair
Chapter 28: Non-Custodial Sentencing
Kate Herrity and Jason Warr
Chapter 29: Prisons
Tim Bateman
Chapter 30: Youth Crime and Youth Justice
Pamela Davies and Ian R. Cook
Chapter 31: Victims, Witnesses and the Criminal Justice System
Jamie Harding
Chapter 32: Being a Criminologist and Doing Real World Criminological Research
Michael Rowe
Chapter 33: Transitioning from Undergraduate Study of Criminology to Further Study and Your Working Life


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Essay Questions

Each chapter is accompanied by three essay questions which can be used by lecturers in teaching and exams. Also included are points to consider for students answering the essay questions.

SAGE Journal Articles

Access to three SAGE Journal Articles relating to each chapter is provided, which can also be shared with students.

SAGE Videos and Critical Thinking Questions

One SAGE Video per chapter offers valuable insights from a range of Criminology experts and can also be shared with students who can test their knowledge by considering and answering open ended questions related to each of the videos.


Each chapter is accompanied by 10 Multiple Choice Questions. Lecturers can use these questions in their teaching, for exams and to upload to the University’s virtual learning environment.



Will compliment L3 criminology. Great resource for the budding criminologist!

Mrs tracy leigh mitchell
HLS, Wiltshire College
April 27, 2023

Great book, not teaching the course this term

Professor Connie Morris
Criminal Justice Prog, University Of Nebraska
May 11, 2022

An excellent introduction to criminology. Well structured and easy to follow. Ideal for 1st year under grads.

Mr Scott Keay
Department of Law & Criminology, Edge Hill University
March 30, 2022

Clear explanation. Appealing visuals for new / foundation student purposes. Content goes much further and will still be valid for level 5 / 6 courses. Reflection sections are good. This is a book which will really benefit distance learning students without regular seminar attendance.

Mr David Heanue
Inst of Policing and Criminal Justice, University of Cumbria
March 30, 2022

An engagingly presented book with a layout and design that makes it easy for policing students to find information linked to their professional curriculum. I can see this being a well used book by policing students.

Mx David Metcalfe
Policing, Chester University
January 31, 2022

Really accessible textbook with easy to access information. Good balance of detail, studies, theory and opportunities for discussion.

Mrs Tara Davies
Social Science, Petroc College
December 2, 2021

A well presented text providing a comprehensive view of key issues and theories in criminology written in a manner that is accessible to all students.

Mr Neil Parry
Higher Education, Darlington College
February 21, 2022

This is a really accessible book for undergraduates with very up to date sources and questions that can be reflected on in class. Structure of chapters was great!

Dr Michelle Addison
Department of Sociology, Durham University
March 3, 2022

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to significant topics and theories relevant to studying criminology and the criminal justice system. I found the book to be well written east to follow. A great resource which will be added to the reading list.

Miss Deborah Spring
Applied Social Studies, Bedfordshire University
December 6, 2021

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