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An Introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health

An Introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health

April 2014 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Anyone who works within children and adolescent mental health services will tell you what a challenging and complex world it is. To help prepare you, the authors have produced a clear introduction to child and adolescent mental health that takes you step-by-step on a journey through the subject. Beginning with the foundations, the book explores the common mental health concepts and influences that you can expect to encounter examining topics like the difference between emotional and mental health issues and how mental health problems develop. It then moves on to explore the vital skills that you will need to develop like effective communication and basic counselling skills, and introduces some of the common interventions like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic theory and Family work.

Written by a multi-disciplinary team of passionate and experienced experts, the book strikes an effective balance between introducing the relevant theory and showing how this can be applied in the real world. It is an essential starting point to the subject of child and adolescent mental health and suitable for any students planning to support this group.

Children and Young People’s Mental Health
Infant, Child and Adolescent Development
Safeguarding Children and Young People and Children's Rights
Mental Health Promotion Strategies with Children, Young People and Families
Effective Communication with Children, Young People and their Families
Interventions with Children, Young People and Families
Group Work with Children, Young People and Families
Values, Attitudes, Beliefs and Inequalities when Working with Children, Young People and their Families

‘This book will be a valuable resource for anyone new to working with children and adolescents with mental health difficulties. It considers a range of issues that children and young people are presented with, giving consideration to both aetiology and treatment. I will be recommending it to students on my course.’

Sharon Pagett, Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire

A particular strength of the book is that it explains concepts to non-specialists very effectively; it is easy to read and well set out.

I have found this book invaluable in developing and reinforcing basic knowledge about the different mental health needs presented to me daily. I would highly recommend this book.

Martine Johnson

This is a concise text for readers interested in a snapshot of child mental health issues and services in the UK context. Child mental health problems are summarised, as well as the key child development theories and their applications.  As all other sections, the text is nicely complemented by related activities. The main therapeutic interventions are summarised in a balanced way.  Therapeutic techniques on communication are supplemented by their underpinning theoretical models.

Panos Vostanis
University of Leicester

This is a concise text for readers interested in a snapshot of child mental health issues and services in the UK context. This will probably be more relevant to non-specialist practitioners or postgraduate students seeking a succinct introduction to the field. It could also be of relevance to specialist staff and policy makers, as a good example of linking the key issues with current knowledge and thinking in this field. In that respect, the book links practice, policy/legislation and intervention topics.

Panos Vostanis, University of Leicester
Nursing Times

...While writing a book on a complicated topic, the authors’ experience and passion for the subject comes through in every aspect of the book. A specific strength of the book would be the layout and flow, which keeps the reader engrossed and the learner actively engaged. The way the book is presented, going through the various conditions and diseases, theories, case studies, and ending with therapeutic interventions and well as the group worked offered demonstrates the thoroughness of the authors thought process in putting this book together. The fact that the book is such a concise and easy read is also an identifiable strength. I didn’t really find any weaknesses in this book...

Evelyn Martin, Senior Lecturer, West Virginia University
Nursing Times

This is a good resource for those wanting to develop knowledge of child mental health issues and services in the UK. The author is clearly passionate about the issues and this comes across. Child mental health problems are summarised, together with the main child development theories and applications with useful related activities. Therapeutic intervention is explained in an accessible and balanced way and communication techniques are outlined with relevant underpinning theory.

Ms Teresa Bufton
Social Work, Heart of Worcestershire College
August 8, 2019

Perfectly fitting to our course and an easy read for students new to child and adolescent mental health

Dr James Porter
Inst of Health, Soc Care & Psychology, Worcester University
September 13, 2016

This book gives will give an excellent foundation for students who will be commencing child health related degrees, the book is set out clearly and explores concepts in excellent detail. My only concern is that the content will quickly date due to significant ongoing changes to the CAMHS sector, but that just offers more scope for a second, third and fourth edition, all of which I would be interested in reading! Well formatted and well presented, students would benefit from having this as a pre course reader and a as a text book for the duration of the course.

Miss Shelly Ann Haslam
Faculty of Health, Edge Hill University
September 2, 2016

Excellent introduction to an area which needs a wider spotlight. Easily accessible text with excellent practice examples.

Miss Laura Guest
School Of Care Studies, West Herts College
January 29, 2016

Excellent and accessible text covering an important topic. Just one small criticism is that the authors failed to debate/critique rising numbers of mental health conditions and the effectiveness of contemporary interventions and emotional/resilience intervention programmes

Mrs Paula Louise Hamilton
School of Education & Community, Glyndwr University
December 15, 2015

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