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Aaron T Beck

Aaron T Beck

September 1993 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Aaron T Beck is one of the `founding fathers' of the cognitive revolution in psychotherapy. His Cognitive Therapy was innovative in its emphasis on the role of cognition in emotional distress and behavioural dysfunction. Beck first established his reputation in the field of depression. However, Cognitive Therapy has now grown in scope to address a number of disorders and health problems - both clinical and nonclinical - and today Beck's work exercises an enormous influence on psychotherapy in general.

This book presents a unique overview of Beck's life and his theoretical and practical achievements. The author considers and effectively rebuts the criticisms that his ideas have attracted over the years and discusses Beck's continuing influence on the research and practice of Cognitive Therapy.

The Life of Aaron T Beck
Theoretical Contributions
Practical Contributions
Criticisms and Rebuttals
The Overall Influence of Aaron T Beck
A Select Bibliography of the Works of Aaron T Beck

`Thorough and accessible... I found reading about Beck's fallibilities, phobias and anxieties very interesting... this book will appeal to counselling psychologists interested in the development of Cognitive Therapy' - British Psychological Society Counselling Psychology Review

`A concise and useful addition to the series, giving a substantial overview of Beck's work' - Counselling, The Journal of the British Association for Counselling

`I would unhesitatingly recommend this book to students and practitioners eager to learn more of Beck, who in the last 30 years has been the most important and influential figure in psychological therapy' - International Review of Psychiatry

`Plentiful anecdotes lend charm to the theoretical discourse... Beck's depression model - cognitive distortions, cognitive deficits and the cognitive triad of self, world and future - is clearly expounded... This is a thorough, concise, readable and excellent book. For anyone wishing to know more about cognitive therapy and its foremost founder Aaron Beck, it is unreservedly recommended' - The International Journal of Social Psychiatry

`Without doubt written by someone with an excellent grasp of the terminology... The section on Beck's theoretical contributions and rebuttals of criticisms are detailed and comprehensive... a useful reference for those who are looking for information about the man, the breadth of his interests, or for refutations of his detractors' - The British Journal of Psychiatry

`Here is a book to sustain and integrate the field of psychotherapy... Having viewed Beck's work with only scant interest until now , thinking... that this therapy is simplistic, limited and too intellectual, I found this book an excellent corrective. Cognitive Therapy lends itself to research, the training of practitioners and cost-effectiveness evaluation. It is relatively free of jargon but not simplistic; it has wide scope; and it embraces emotion and relationships as well as the cognitive structuring of experience, learning and information processing... Aaron Beck is fortunate to have such a clear, concise presentation of his contributions; so are clinicians who want an introduction to work that Beck hopes will integrate the field, and historians who want a fresh, forthright look at postwar clinical psychology and psychiatry' - Bulletin of the History of Medicine

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