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A Practical Approach to Trauma

A Practical Approach to Trauma
Empowering Interventions

First Edition

April 2007 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book's intent is to increase our understanding of the field of trauma, shape practice with both traumatized and non-traumatized people, and increase our understanding of the impact of extreme stress and violence on the human psyche.

A Practical Approach to Trauma: Empowering Interventions discusses a brief overview of the field of trauma that includes a history of the field, current theoretical perspectives and methods that provide a paradigm for stage appropriate, culture-based therapy which can be integrated into existing therapeutic orientations. Individual approaches in trauma intervention are included, focusing on specific situations such as rape, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, group interventions, school counseling and secondary traumatization care for practitioners.

Ch 1: Overview of Trauma
Ch 2: Assessment of PTSD, ASD, and DESNOS
Ch 3: Models of Trauma Treatment
Ch 4: Empowering Interventions
Ch 5: Crisis Interventions
Ch 6: Group Psychotherapy for Trauma Survivors
Ch 7: Community Trauma and Working in the Schools
Ch 8: Traumatic Stress Debriefing With Adults
Ch 9: Children and Adolescents
Ch 10: Treating Interpersonal Violence
Ch 11: Treating Political Refugees
Ch 12: Terrorism
Ch 13: Natural Disasters
Ch 14: Helping the Helper
Appendix I. Common Reactions to Trauma
Appendix II: Coping With Trauma
Appendix III: Coping With Grief and Loss
Appendix IV: Helping Children Cope With Loss and Grief
Appendix V: Client Safety and Self-Care Worksheet
Appendix VI: Deep/Diaphragmatic Breathing
Appendix VII: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Appendix VIII: Stages of Burnout
Appendix IX: Counselor Self-Care: Beliefs, Conflicts, and Rewards
Appendix X: Trauma Assessment Tools for Adults
Appendix XI: Trauma Assessment Tools for Children and Adolescents

"This book has wide potential value for educators and clinicians. As a text, the extent of the research base it organizes for the reader is impressive, and it is written in a clear and engaging style that will be appreciated by students...For clinicians, this book is a valuable addition to the tools necessary for ensuring state-of-the-art help for consumers facing trauma."

Alan Davis
South Dakota State University
Resource Reviews

Covers various types of trauma and interventions.

Ms Kathrin Winkler
Marriage and Family Therapy, Hope International University
March 15, 2012

This book does a good job at covering a wide range of high risk trauma populations. Has properly placed emphasis on diversity issues (multicultural competence). Includes current issues such as terrorism, political refugees, and natural disasters.

Ms Kenna Pomeroy
Social Science Division, Concordia University
April 27, 2010

This text covers many of the learning objectives for our course titled: Assessment and Intervention Strategies in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Specifically, it provides coverage of crisis intervention and emergency management now a part of the 2009 CACREP standards for Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Mark Gerig
., Indiana Wesleyan University
February 22, 2010

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