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Let's All Teach Computer Science!

Let's All Teach Computer Science!
A Guide to Integrating Computer Science Into the K-12 Classroom

Foreword by Jake Baskin, AI Included!

July 2024 | 136 pages | Corwin

You belong in this world of computer science education—and because of you, adults of the future will understand how to responsibly participate in high-tech environments with confidence.

Districts, cities, and states are moving toward computer science requirements for all K-12 classrooms, even in courses that were not previously associated with technology. These new requirements leave many teachers feeling anxious and unprepared when it comes to integrating computer science into existing curriculum. This book is here to support educators in that shift by inviting them to explore computer science and coding in an approachable and unintimidating way.

Let's All Teach Computer Science: K-12 is a source of inspiration and empowerment for educators who are moving into this technological wonderland. Kiki Prottsman has more than 15 years of experience in computer science education, and her insight informs thoughtful discussions on promoting creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration in students. The book positions computer science  in a way that supports other essential skills–such as reading, writing, and mathematics– by providing customizable frameworks that help to seamlessly integrate computer science into core subjects. This book:

  • Provides powerful insights for creating innovative and inclusive learning environments
  • Offers practical examples of integrating computer science into traditional subjects like math, history, art, and more
  • Highlights the importance of addressing implicit biases and promoting computer science as an inclusive field for all students
  • Includes insights on classroom technology and educational technology, as well as AI and its role in education
  • Encourages educators to work together to nurture digital innovators while recognizing potential challenges and frustrations

Let's All Teach Computer Science is an essential guide that equips K-12 teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary to begin teaching computer science immediately–and does so in an enjoyable way, thanks to Prottsman’s friendly and playful style.

Chapter 1: The Importance of Integrating Computer Science Into K-12
Chapter 2: What Teachers Are "Supposed" to Know About Computer Science Before Integrating
Chapter 3: How We're Supposed to Know What We Know About Integrating Computer Science
Chapter 4: What You Need to Know About Integrating Computer Science
Chapter 5: Integrating Computer Science Into STEM-Focused Classes
Chapter 6: Making Any Class a STEM Class Through Coding
Chapter 7: Supporting Computer Science Students from Historically Underrepresented Groups
Chapter 8: Always Be Evolving: Chat GPT and AI
In Conclusion

Seamlessly bridging the gap between foundational concepts and advanced insights, Let’s All Teach Computer Science! Offers a refreshing perspective for seasoned educators, while providing clear guidance for beginners. A must-read to elevate computer science instruction across all levels.

Aria Azizi
Minecraft Education
Redmond, WA

Reading this book felt more like sharing great ideas with a colleague in a really good professional development (PD) session than “reading a book.”
The conversational tone appeals clearly to the newer computer science teacher, and offers plenty of rich insights and perspective I picked up along
the way through this book for my own work as a veteran computer science (CS) teacher, too. This is the kind of book that should be in the professional library of every current or aspiring CS teacher.

Steven Svetlik
Norridge, IL

Prottsman’s book is a thoughtful exploration of various ways educators of all disciplines can incorporate meaningful lessons using computer science.
She focuses on tangible, achievable approaches and offers supportive guidance along the way. I particularly loved Prottsman’s anecdotes,
resources, and questions, which tie her guidance to real-world scenarios. This book helps envision how we can enhance students’ lives by using tools
in computer science!

Jen Fox
Seattle, WA

This comprehensive guide has a wealth of insight and ideas that show how and why to incorporate computational literacy across the PK–12 curriculum, and equips teachers with the tools and strategies to foster computational skills in all students. It’s the best way to invest in a future where technology is understood and can be used to do good.

Dianne O’Grady-Cunniff
Maryland Center for Computing Education
Adelphi, MD

Let’s All Teach Computer Science! covers core principles that teachers can use to create an engaging environment where all students can learn, feel
success, and thrive. Prottsman approaches the idea of computer science as a suite of tools and techniques that can be employed to solve any problem or enhance any task. Her expertise in knowing the CS education space is apparent as she highlights systemic issues and barriers that need to be addressed in CS education, and offers solutions to resolve them.

Nicole Reitz-Larsen
Salt Lake City School District
Cotton Heights, UT

A fast, fun, and informative read on integrating computer science into any subject in any classroom at any age with curiosity, passion, and compassion based on the following principles: “attitude is everything, be a lead learner, diversity matters, understand concepts.”

Douglas Ferguson
Lake Wilderness Elementary School
Maple Valley, WA

Concise, relevant, and thorough publication. If you are a parent, teacher, and/or administrator in contact with students intrigued by STEM education,
this is where you should start and finish. Excellent content for those needing layman’s terms and/or professionals.

Eric Wright
Eugene, OR

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ISBN: 9781071931523