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Youth in Society

Youth in Society
Contemporary Theory, Policy and Practice

Second Edition
Edited by:

January 2004 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'The book is a useful student text that offers a wide range of well informed perspectives on the position of young people in society today. It has built on its successful first edition and should provide a useful springboard to further study'

- Scolag Legal Journal

'This resource will be very helpful to all those already working with children and young people and essential for those who are currently learning about how to work with children and young people'- Gill Frances, Director Children's Development National Children's Bureau

Are the recent policy initiatives aimed at improving life chances for young people working? Have they affected those most in need? How can young people be given more of a voice in policy making?

The new edition of this bestselling text offers a comprehensive introduction to the policy developments affecting young people in today's society, covering the areas of education and training, work, youth justice, residential care and child protection. It brings together a wide-ranging series of readings written by leading experts, to encourage those working with young people, or training to do so, to critically reflect on both the theoretical and practical dimensions of their work.

The themes and issues addressed in this book include: citizenship, participation and empowerment; social difference and social identity; images of youth; young people and the politics of service provision; and working with young people in different contexts.

This new edition has been revised in order to bring it up-to-date on contemporary policy, law and practice changes and developments. Written in a lively and engaging manner, this accessible text will be invaluable reading for students taking courses in youth and social work, social policy, youth and criminal justice and the sociology of youth.

Youth in Society is a set book for the Open University courses K201, Working With Young People and K268, Social Work with Young People.

Rachel Thomson, Ronny Flynn, Jeremy Roche and Stanley Tucker
Introduction to the Second Edition
Rex Stainton Rogers
The Making and Moulding of Modern Youth
A Short History

Christine Griffin
Representations of the Young
Wendy Stainton Rogers et al
Worlds Apart
Young People's Aspirations in a Changing Europe

Les Back
`Pale Shadows'
Racism, Masculinity and Multiculture

Jeremy Roche
Children's Rights
Participation and Dialogue

Tom Storrie
Citizens or What?
Gargi Bhattacharyya and John Gabriel
Racial Formations of Youth in Late 20th Century England
Claire Hackett
Young People and Political Participation
Stanley Tucker
Youth Working
Professional Identities Given, Received or Contested?

Bob Coles
Welfare Services for Young People
Better Connections?

Stanley Tucker and Steve Walker
Education and Training Provision for Young People
A New Era?

Joe Oldman
Beyond Bricks and Mortar
Harriet Bradley and Paul Hickman
In and Out of Work? The Changing Fortunes of Young People in Contemporary Labour Markets
John Muncie
Youth Justice
Responsibilisation and Rights

Daren Garratt
Youth Cultures and Sub-Cultures
Lena Robinson
Black Adolescent Identity and the Inadequacies of Western Psychology
Maria Pini
Technologies of the Self
Tim Edwards
Rex Stainton Rogers
Constructing a Way of Life
Harriette Marshall and Paul Stenner
Friends and Lovers
Brian Dimmock
Young People and Family Life
Apocalypse Now or Business as Usual?

Sally French and John Swain
Young Disabled People
Brian Corby
The Mistreatment of Young People
Sarah Banks
The Dilemmas of Intervention
John Coleman, Liza Catan and Catherine Dennison
You're the Last Person I'd Talk To
Adrian Ward
Working with Young People in Residential Settings
Simon Bradford
The Management of Growing Up
Youth Work in Community Settings


There are many topics included in this book that are not analysed by other publications in Youth Studies. Nevertheless, some chapters are not clear enough and require from students extra reading in order to understand them.

Dr Jacek Kornak
Dept of Psychology,Sociology & Soc Wrk, University Campus Suffolk
September 22, 2015

This book provides a healthy background and baseline for locating 'youth' in a broader social and historical context. It is an effective accompaniment when discussing youth justice, or sociology.

Mr Warren Smith
School of Health and Wellbeing, Wolverhampton University
March 27, 2015

A welcomed new edition of this book which offers students a wide-ranging introduction to different issues impacting on young people in society. It is both theoretical and practical and also well-structured which makes this book easily accessible and interesting to students.

Miss Andrea Walker
Health and Community Studies , University of Bolton
March 18, 2015

This is a good text for understanding where youth work has come from. It addresses its influences and will support understanding around how today's youth work practices have been shaped. The introduction chapter lays a good foundation for the history of working with young people. Other chapters include, children's rights, young people and political participation, young disabled people and working with young people in residential settings.

Miss Hannah Jones
Youth and Community Studies, University of South Wales (Newport)
January 30, 2015

This is an informative, accessible and critical text on young people and society. It deals with a range of topics that help understand the young today.

Dr Miyoung Oh
Department of Sport, Sheffield Hallam Univ.
September 4, 2014

A key text in the Foundation Degree- Children and Young People.

Mrs Laura Cochrane
Health and Care, Middlesbrough College
February 3, 2014

Helpful for Foundation Degree and BA (Hons) students who are strating to read more deeply into key issues.

Miss Caroline Meredith
School of Education and Innovation, Bishop Grosseteste University
July 10, 2013

This book offers an invaluable insight into the problem of 'youth'. It is an ideal partner to the module curriculum.

Mrs Susan Skipper
Law Justice & Community Studies, East Lancashire Institute of HE at Blackburn
November 14, 2012

Every-time I return to this text I find something more that that gives me insight, stirs a passion or causes me to think. From a historical perspective of youth culture through to issues that might challenge workers as they engage with young people. A thoroughly thought provoking and essential text for youth workers

Community Youth Work, Ulster University
September 16, 2011

We have adopted this book for our modules Perspectives on Youth Culture and Youth to Adult Development Sociological Perspectives.

The book contains some essential chapters for professionals seeking to better understand and relate to young people in contemporary society. It also gives some valuable historical perspective.

Community Youth Work, Ulster University
May 24, 2011

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