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Youth Cultures

Youth Cultures

Four Volume Set
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December 2016 | 1 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
There is now almost 100 years of rich literature relating to youth culture. This major work brings together the best of this literature, from 'benchmark' essays to contemporary developments, in order to critically evaluate and assess the body of academic work. The perspective is truly global, with the selected articles addressing cultures in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East. The articles are organised into four thematic volumes:

Volume 1: Histories of Youth Culture
Volume 2: Subcultures and Style
Volume 3: Youth, Music and Media
Volume 4: Global Youth Culture

This is a highly valuable reference collection for researchers in all fields of youth culture including sociology, media and cultural studies and social anthropology.
Youth on the Road: Reflections on the History of Tramping

Judith Adler
From Counterculture to Consumer Culture Vespa and the Italian Youth Market, 1958–78

Adam Arvidsson
The Re-Invention of Bhangra: Social Change and Aesthetic Shifts in a Punjabi Music in Britain

Gerd Baumann
Jipis, Pijos, Fiesteros: Studies on Youth Cultures in Spain 1960–2004

Carles Fexia Pàmpols and Laura Porzio
From Jukebox Boys to Revolting Students: Richard Hoggart and the Study of British Youth Culture

David Fowler
The Emergence of a Modern Youth Culture: The Swedish 1930s

Mats Franzén
The Hippies: An American “Moment”

Stuart Hall
“Ducktails, Flick-Knives and Pugnacity”: Subcultural and Hegemonic Masculinities in South Africa, 1948–1960

Katie Mooney
From Classlessness to Clubculture: A Geneaology of British Post-War Youth Cultural Analysis

David Muggleton
"The Times They Are A-Changin"': The Music of Protest

Robert A. Rosenstone
Diversity of Experience, Experience of Diversity: Turkish Migrant Youth Culture in Berlin

Levent Soysant
Bodgies and Widgies – Youth Cultures in the 1950s

Jon Stratton
Beyond the Skinheads: Comments on the Emergence and Significance of the Glamrock Cult

Ian Taylor and David Wall
Shaping 1960s Youth in Britain and France: Fabulous and Salut les copains

Chris Tinker
Hot Swing and the Dissolute Life: Youth, Style and Popular Music in Europe 1939–49

Ralph Willet
“Nailed to the X”: A Lyrical History of the Straightedge Youth Subculture

Robert T. Wood
Subcultures or Neo-Tribes? Rethinking the Relationship between Youth, Style and Musical Taste

Andy Bennett
Youth Subcultural Theory: A Critical Engagement with the Concept, Its Origins and Politics, from the Chicago School to Postmodernism

Shane Blackman
Youth and Cultural Practice

Mary Bucholtz
The Struggle for Ethnicity: Swedish Youth Styles and the Construction of Ethnic Identities

Erling Bjurström
Consuming the Car: Anticipation, Use and Meaning in Contemporary Youth Culture

Eamonn Carrabine and Brian Longhurst
Defending Ski-Jumpers: A Critique of Theories of Youth Subcultures

Gary Clarke
Review: Badges of Half-Formed, Inarticulate Radicalism: A Critique of Recent Trends in the Study of Working Class Youth Culture

Chris Waters
Tribal Aspects of Postmodern Consumption Research: The Case of French In-line Roller Skaters

Bernard Cova and Véronique Cova
Real Punks and Pretenders: The Social Organisation of a Counterculture

Kathryn Joan Fox
Israeli Youth Body Adornments: Between Protest and Conformity

Yehuda Jacobson and Diana Luzzatto
Graffiti as Career and Ideology

Richard Lachmann
Subculture, Style and Chavs and Consumer Capitalism: Towards a Critical Cultural Criminology of Youth

Greg Martin
Settling Accounts with Youth Subcultures: A Feminist Critique

Angela McRobbie
Shut Up and Dance: Youth Culture and Changing Modes of Femininity

Angela McRobbie
U.S. Feminism-Grrrl Style! Youth (Sub)Cultures and the Technologics of the Third Wave

Ednie Kaeh Garrison
Rules of Rebellion: Slamdancing, Moshing, and the American Alternative Scene

William Tsitsos
Hip Hop Am Main: The Localisation of Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture

Andy Bennett
Punks Not Dead: The Significance of Punk Rock for an Older Generation of Fans

Andy Bennett
Pop in(to) the Bedroom: Popular Music in Pre-Teen Girls’ Bedroom Culture

Sarah Louise Baker
‘The Magic that Can Set You Free’: The Ideology of Folk and the Myth of the Rock Community

Simon Frith
Another Boring Day in Paradise

Lawrence Grossberg
The ‘Failure’ of Youth Culture: Reflexivity, Music and Politics in the Black Metal Scene

Keith Kahn-Harris
Subcultural Identity in Alternative Music Culture

Holly Kruse
Into the “Jungle”

Benjamin Noys
Swedish Youth and Music: Listening Patterns and Motivations

Keith Roe
The Power of Love: Raï Music and Youth in Algeria

Marc Schade-Poulsen
Youth Culture and the Making of the Post-Fordist Econony: Dance Music in Contemporary Britain

Richard J. Smith and Tim Maughan
Why Doesn’t Anybody Write Anything about Glam Rock

Jon Stratton
Systems of Articulation, Logics of Change: Communities and Scenes in Popular Music

Will Straw
Breakdance, Red Eyed Penguins, Vikings, Grunge and Straight Rock ’n’ Roll: The Construction of Place in Musical Discourse in Rudenga, East Side Oslo

Viggo Vestel
Just a Girl? Rock Music, Feminism, and the Cultural Construction of Female Youth

Gayle Wald
Youth Culture, Music, and Cell Phone Branding in China

Jing Wang
Adolescents’ Uses of Media for Self-Socialization

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
Virtual Subculture? Youth, Identity and the Internet

Andy Bennett
Digital Participation at the Margins: Online Circuits of Rap Music by Portuguese Afro-Descendant Youth

Ricardo Campos and José Alberton Simões
“Where My Girls At?” Negotiating Black Womanhood in Music Videos

Rana A. Emerson
Beyond the Myth of the “Cyberkid”: Young People at the Margins of the Information Revolution

Keri Facer and Ruth Furlong
Symbiotic Transformations: Youth, Global Media and Indigenous Culture in Malta

Joe Grixti
Online Journals as Virtual Bedrooms: Young People, Identity and Personal Space

Paul Hodkinson and Sian Lincoln
Music Television and the Invention of Youth Culture in India

Vamsee Juluri
Interactive Subcultures and Oppositional Politics

Richard Kahn and Douglas Kellner
“You Should Have Been There Man”: Live Music, DIY Content and On-line Communities

Jessa Lingel and Mor Naaman
Rethinking ‘Moral Panic’ for Multi-Mediated Social Worlds

Angela McRobbie and Sarah L. Thornton
My Tribe: Post-subcultural Manifestations of Belonging on Social Network Sites

Brady Robards and Andy Bennett
Youth Culture, Media and Globalization Processes in Greenland

Jette Rygaard
The Rise of a “Me Culture” in Postsocialist China: Youth, Individualism and Identity Creation in the Blogosphere

Yangzi Sima and Peter C. Pugsley
Authentic Identities: Straightedge Subculture, Music, and the Internet

J. Patrick Williams
Rave and Straightedge, the Virtual and the Real: Exploring Online and Offline Experiences in Canadian Youth Subcultures

Brian Wilson and Michael Atkinson

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