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Women Transforming Communications

Women Transforming Communications
Global Intersections

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Mass Communication Theory

September 1996 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this book over 30 women describe, from as many perspectives, a veritable revolution in communications that is currently transforming the world's communications system as we know it.

The contributors illustrate how this revolution moves through three phases from initial visions, to overcoming obstacles, to creating a plan for the future. Most of the chapters are written by those who have been creating the transformations. The book is designed to share with women and men more `herstories' of strategies of empowerment to transform communications systems which are not inclusive, especially as they concern issues important to women entering the twenty-first century.

Ramona R Rush
Websters and Spinsters  
Ramona R Rush
Ten Tenets for Deeper Communications
Transforming Communications Theory and Research  
Christy C Bulkeley
Transforming Faith in the First Amendment
Riane Eisler
Communication, Socialization, and Domination
The Replication of Violence and the Partnership Alternative  
JoAnn Myer Valenti
Environmental Communication
A Female-Friendly Process  
Edna F Einsiedel
Action Research
Implications for Gender, Development, and Communications  
Frankie Hutton
Afrocentric, Archetypical Perspectives
Four Black Female Journalists  
Anne Wilson Schaef
Return of a Native Daughter
Patricia Madoo Lengermann, Jill Niebrugge-Brantley, and Jane Kirkpatrick
Democracy, Technology, and the Public Library
A Feminist Sociological Analysis  
Gloria Steinem
Revolutionary Circles within Larger Political Patterns
An Afterword to Revolution from Within  
Annette J Samuels
Women, Ethnic and Language Minorities, and Mass Media
Judith Cramer
Uncovering the Media Coverage of Sport
Sandy Nelson
Suing the Sacred Cows That Fed Her
Susan J Kaufman
Surviving Auschwitz and the Media
A Mengele Twin's Media Voyage  
Andrea Dworkin
Against the Male Flood
Censorship, Pornography, and Equality  
Ramona R Rush
A Systemic Commitment to Women in the Academy
Barriers, Harrassment Prevent `Being All That We Can Be'  
Kathryn Cirksena
Feminism after Ferment
Ten Years of Gendered Scholarship in Communications  
Susan Holly Stocking and Julianne H Newton
The Wren, the Eagles, and the Assistant Professor
Mercedes Lynn de Uriarte
Demonstrations in Intellectual Diversity
Applied Theory to Challenge Campus Press Hegemony  
Sharon A Russell
A Challenge to Traditional Media Technology in the Form of a Dialogue with an Absent Other
Pamela J Creedon
The Rib Syndrome
Rebels, Servants, and Victims  
Paula Kassell
The Birth, Success, Death, and Lasting Influence of a Feminist Periodical
New Directions for Women (1972-1993-?)  
Fran P Hosken
Women and International Communication
The Story of WIN News  
Frieda Werden
The Founding of WINGS (Women's International News Gathering Service)
A Story of Feminist Radio Survival  
Maria Suarez Toro
Feminist International Radio Endeavor - FIRE
Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi
Women Communicating Globally
Mediating International Feminism  
Casey Miller and Kate Swift
Reclaiming Language
Jannette L Dates and Carolyn A Stroman
African American Women and Mass Communication Research
Barbara Straus Reed
Women at Hearst Magazines
A Case Study of Women in Magazine Publishing  
Elizabeth Dodson Gray
Television's Transformative Role in Courtroom Justice for Women and Children
Florangel Rosario-Braid
Filipino Women in Communications
Breaking New Grounds  
Peggy A Simpson
The Washington Press Club Foundation's Oral History Project
Getting Women Journalists to Speak of Themselves, for Themselves, for Herstory's Sake  
Sara Stuart and Renuka Bery
Powerful Grassroots Women Communicators
Participatory Video in Bangladesh  
Marlene G Fine
Multicultural Literacy
Communicating in Culturally Diverse Organizations  
Donna Allen
Women and Technology
Transforming Communication and Democracy  

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