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Women in Science

Women in Science
Meeting Career Challenges

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September 1998 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book is a bold, innovative examination of the factors behind the low representation of women in scientific disciplines and, more broadly, other competitive professional career tracks. A group of 25 women from diverse backgrounds and representing a cross-section of points along the career continuum provide a candid look at a scientific environment where women are routinely judged more by stereotype than ability and travel the road to success in isolation. The book provides strategies for negotiating through gender-specific boundaries and showcases two programmes designed to support women in establishing successful scientific careers.
ángela M Pattatucci
Trespassers on Private Property
ángela M Pattatucci
As A Woman Thinketh...
Jennifer M Cramer
I Dared To Be Different
Minna Mahlab
Science and Women
From the Vantage Point of a `Leak in the Pipeline'

Ann Saterbak
Around and Around
ángela M Pattatucci
Is It Natural or Processed `Sugar and Spice'
Katrien J van der Hoeven
The Silver Lining
Beth Martin
Coming to Terms with Science
A Woman's Story of Disillusionment

Kimberly Groat Olsen
Women, Science and Self-Esteem
ángela M Pattatucci
Searching for a Needle in a Field of Haystacks
Laura J Gaines
The Roots of a Woman
Marybeth Lima
Piecewise Discontinuous Function
Experiences in Engineering

Sue E Nokes
Because I Did not Know I Was Different
ángela M Pattatucci
Just Where Is `Our Place'?
Janet Vorvick
The Making of an Honorary Male
Laurie Tompkins
Being a Scientist
One Woman's Experience

Suzanne E Franks
One Woman's Life in Science
ángela M Pattatucci
Dogs Eating Dogs and Science Devouring Women
Nina Wokhlu
My First Experience as a Woman Scientist
Susan S Allen
Cutting Loose
Patricia L Eng
Putting It on the Table
Denise Gürer
Journey to a Career in Science
ángela M Pattatucci
Female Impersonators and Honorary Males
Angela Rella
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf Now?
Donna Riley
Ambiguities and Contradictions

Noretta Koertge
A Mixed Blessing to Women in Science

ángela M Pattatucci
Abolishing Gender Apartheid
Molly Gleiser
The Glass Wall
Wendy Katkin
Project WISE
A Community of Wise Women

ángela M Pattatucci
A Reason for Optimism
Carol B Muller and Mary L Pavone
The Women in Science Project at Dartmouth
One Campus Model for Support and Systemic Change

Michele Montejo
From Eden to the Seashore
Natalie M Bachir
`Oh, the Places You'll Go ...'

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