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Winning Hearts and Minds

Winning Hearts and Minds
Transactional Analysis Simplified

First Edition
  • Indranil Mitra - Additional General Manager, NTPC Power Management Institute, New Delhi

August 2017 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Transactional Analysis (TA) refers to a wide-ranging set of theories about the human personality. It provides an unambiguous and logical framework within which we can understand and analyze ourselves—our motives, our behavior, and our interactions with others. The principles of TA can be applied universally—at home, in the workplace, at clubs and restaurants, at sporting events, in social occasions, and so on. TA was originally developed by the American psychoanalyst Dr Eric Berne in the 1950s. After his untimely death in 1970, the existing TA theory was substantially enlarged and added to by a host of other illustrious contributors.

Winning Hearts and Minds: Transactional Analysis Simplified uses the principles of TA to enable the reader to learn about his or her personality, identify and eliminate certain recurring patterns of harmful behavior that may have become ingrained in the psyche, and discover how to forge and maintain authentic relationships and enrich existing ones. The elegant and lucid theory of TA as set forth in this book has benefited millions of people all over the world as a remarkable means of fostering self-awareness, genuineness, and growth. The book will also be useful to practicing managers and HR professionals who seek to build a positive organizational culture based on the principles of mutual respect and trust.
Foreword by Julie Hay
While Growing Up…
Understanding Attitudes
How I Think … and How I Can Think Better
Relating to Others … Can I Improve?
How to Stop Hurting Others … and Myself
The Script: Drama in Real Life
My Working Styles … and How to Get the Most Out of Them
Dealing with Change
How I Spend My Time … and How I Can Do Better
Becoming Authentic and Autonomous
Epilogue: The Integrated Adult
Selected Bibliography

“...the book also shows how to unleash our own potential for achievement and growth. Truly an excellent effort.”

Meenakshi Davar,
Executive Director (HR), Powergrid

“...fully expect this book to become a bestseller, (even) beyond the boundaries of India....”


Julie Hay,
Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational, Psychotherapy & Educational)

“...the book also shows how to unleash our own potential for achievement and growth. Truly an excellent effort."

Meenakshi Davar,
Executive Director (HR), Powergrid

“...provides a logical and powerful model of the human personality, which enables us to understand and see communication, interactions, and relationships in a new light."

Kamal Singh,
ED and CEO, Asia Pacific, UN Global Compact Network India, Ex-Director General, National HRD Network

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ISBN: 9789386602008

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