Why Voice Matters

Why Voice Matters
Culture and Politics After Neoliberalism

  • Nick Couldry - London School of Economics, UK, Goldsmiths, University of London, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

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"One of the best books I have read in years about what it means to engage neoliberalism through a critical framework that highlights those narratives and stories that affirm both our humanity and our longing for justice. It should be read by everyone concerned with what it might mean to not only dream about democracy but to engage it as a lived experience and political possibility."
- Henry Giroux, McMaster University

"An important and original book that offers a fresh critique of neoliberalism and its contribution to the contemporary crisis of ‘voice’. Couldry’s own voice is clear and impassioned - an urgent must-read."
Rosalind Gill, King’s College London

For more than thirty years neoliberalism has declared that market functioning trumps all other social, political and economic values. In this book, Nick Couldry passionately argues for voice, the effective opportunity for people to speak and be heard on what affects their lives, as the only value that can truly challenge neoliberal politics. But having voice is not enough: we need to know our voice matters. Insisting that the answer goes much deeper than simply calling for 'more voices', whether on the streets or in the media, Couldry presents a dazzling range of analysis from the real world of Blair and Obama to the social theory of Judith Butler and Amartya Sen.

Why Voice Matters
breaks open the contradictions in neoliberal thought and shows how the mainstream media not only fails to provide the means for people to give an account of themselves, but also reinforces neoliberal values. Moving beyond the despair common to much of today's analysis, Couldry shows us a vision of a democracy based on social cooperation and offers the resources we need to build a new post-neoliberal politics.

Voice as Value
The Crisis of Neo-Liberal Economics
Neo-Liberal Democracy: An Oxymoron
Media and the Amplification of Neo-Liberal Values
Philosophies of Voice
Sociologies of Voice
Towards a Post-Neo-Liberal Politics

An important and original book that offers a fresh critique of neoliberalism and its contribution to the contemporary crisis of ‘voice’. Couldry’s own voice is clear and impassioned - an urgent ‘must-read’. 

Rosalind Gill
Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, King’s College London

Nick Couldry sets out a provocative critique of the democratic shortcomings of the neoliberal social order, while offering some compellingly radical arguments for the role of the media in creating new spaces of citizen-government relations. 

Stephen Coleman
Professor of Political Communication, University of Leeds

This is an important book... In focusing our attention on the importance of voice, in putting it at the heart of contemporary political and economic change, and in summoning an array of contrasting services, Couldry has done us a very valuable service.

John Street
European Journal of Communication

A valuable contribution to the field... Resisting a familiar tendency of scholarship in which a critique of neoliberalism is paired either with Utopian thought experiments [or] with an ennui toward practical action, Couldry's work is refreshingly productive in its scope. The author not only skilfully outlines the problems that are present in the age of neoliberalism, but offers a platform to discuss how scholars and citizens can spur shifts in values in order to move forward towards a more democratic post-neoliberal world today and into the future... Why Voice Matters is a grounded, imaginative and valuable piece of writing that will appeal to a broad-based audience of scholars in the field of communication and beyond.

Garrett Broad
Journal of Communication

An excellent book that seeks to explore the actual title from the outset. Has been recommended for further reading.

Mr Amer Shehzad
Lancashire Business School, University of Central Lancashire
October 15, 2014

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Chapter 1: Voice as Value

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