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Who to Contact

In matters relating to your journal, you may need to contact several people at SAGE.
To route your questions, comments, suggestions, or needs to the appropriate person, please use this guide.

Journals Production: Your Production Editor

  • Status of articles or issues in production
  • Production schedules and manuscript due dates
  • Open access - SAGE Choice options
  • Corrections, additions, or deletions to manuscripts or proofs
  • Transfer of copyright/exclusive license to publish agreements and permissions
  • Page usage or page budget for current volume or issue
  • Changes to online submission guidelines
  • Errata/corrigenda

Journals Editorial: Your Publishing Editor

  • Journal contracts and terms
  • Contractual page length allotments
  • Financial concerns
  • Ethical/plagiarism concerns
  • Editorial board changes and complimentary access
  • All Society/Association concerns
  • Facebook, podcasts, and videocasts
  • Marketing and advertising/promotions concerns
  • Special issues and proposals
  • Mailing lists
  • Conventions and supplements
  • Bulk sales
  • Covers and interior design specifications
  • Open access - SAGE Choice, open access archiving
  • For open access journals, author requests for waivers, discounts to the article processing charge

SAGE Track: Peer Review Assistant/Peer Review Specialist

  • Logging into your Editor or EIC Center
  • Adjusting SAGE Track access for editors or reviewers
  • Assigning editors or reviewers to particular manuscripts in SAGE Track
  • Viewing completed reviews
  • Making manuscript decisions
  • Exporting manuscripts
  • Any other questions pertaining to SAGE Track peer review process (ex. rejection and acceptance rates) or manuscript export