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What Counts as Evidence in Educational Settings?

What Counts as Evidence in Educational Settings?
Rethinking Equity, Diversity, and Reform in the 21st Century

Edited by:
  • Allan Luke - Queensland University of Technology and University of Calgary
  • Judith Green - University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • Gregory J. Kelly - The Pennsylvania State University, USA

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April 2010 | 399 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The most durable and robust problem facing educational research since the mid-twentieth century is the persistence of educational inequality. Under new economic, technological and cultural conditions, many diverse populations and communities face emergent and long-standing patterns of educational exclusion and marginalization. The authors examine what constitutes evidence in education research within and across a broad range of educational issues, and how evidence can be, and is used, to shape regional, national, and international educational policies on equity and inclusion. The chapters in this volume scrutinize different forms of evidence and focus on how they constitute different ways of naming and defining, explaining and framing equality and inequality in educational policy and practice.
Allan Luke, Judith Green, and Gregory J. Kelly
Introduction: What Counts as Evidence and Equity?
Alexander W. Wiseman
The Uses of Evidence for Educational Policymaking: Global Contexts and International Trends
Samuel R. Lucas and Lauren Beresford
Naming and Classifying: Theory, Evidence, and Equity in Education
Kevin Welner
Education Rights and Classroom-Based Litigation: Shifting the Boundaries of Evidence
James G. Ladwig
Beyond Academic Outcomes
Will J. Jordan
Defining Equity: Multiple Perspectives to Analyzing the Performance of Diverse Learners
Mark Warschauer and Tina Matuchniak
New Technology and Digital Worlds: Analyzing Evidence of Equity in Access, Use, and Outcomes
Gail L. Sunderman
Evidence of the Impact of School Reform on Systems Governance and Educational Bureaucracies in the United States
Dylan Wiliam
What Counts as Evidence of Educational Achievement? The Role of Constructs in the Pursuit of Equity in Assessment
Judith Warren Little and Lora Bartlett
The Teacher Workforce and Problems of Educational Equity
Kevin M. Leander, Nathan C. Phillips, Katherine Headrick Taylor
The Changing Social Spaces of Learning: Mapping New Mobilities

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ISBN: 9781412981910