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What comes before phonics?

What comes before phonics?

First Edition

February 2017 | 176 pages | Learning Matters

The teaching of phonics is now strongly embedded in early literacy teaching and early years settings, and it has been shown to be an important part of becoming literate. There is, however, significant concern about the formalizing of phonics teaching for very young children. 

So what should we be focusing on in early years?
What comes before this formal teaching?
What do children need to know and experience to enable them to access phonics teaching with success?

This book looks in detail at the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes that children need to enable them to come to phonics teaching ready to learn and with a good chance of success. It explores a range of aspects of young children’s learning and includes practical advice on how to translate this into practice.

Early literacy: the current context
Leading into literacy
Speaking and listening
Physical foundations of literacy
Metalinguistic development
Print awareness
Symbolising and representation
Phonological awareness

This book is good to understand the content required for teaching early years teachers about early literacy.

Mrs Kulwinder Maude
School of Education, Kingston University
January 2, 2018