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Warzone Tourism in Sri Lanka

Warzone Tourism in Sri Lanka
Tales from Darker Places in Paradise

First Edition

July 2016 | 256 pages | SAGE India

An ethnographic study on internal travel analysed through the perspectives of Sinhala tourists going from the South to the war-ravaged North.

Warzone Tourism in Sri Lanka explores travellers’ narratives that reflect the experiences and interactions of those going to northern Sri Lanka, and argues that the discourses that emerge are not simply based on leisure and innocence of travel. Rather, they have much to do with the thirty-year civil war in Sri Lanka and how it has impacted the inter-ethnic relations in the country, creating two mutually antagonistic forms of nationalism—Tamil and  Sinhala.

This book is a significant contribution to academia in light of the disruption of civilian travel to northern Sri Lanka during the civil war, effectively barring face-to-face access between citizens, and the narratives which emerge from post-war travel, highlighting the resentment between the two main ethnic groups. 

Foreword: War, Memory and Travel by Meenakshi Thapan
Approach: Places, Landscapes, Travels, Discourses
‘The Jaffna Photo Album’: Sinhala Warzone Tourism in the Time of a Ceasefire
Travels with the Lion Flag: Sinhala Warzone Tourism in an Era of Post-war Triumphalism
Photography and Cartography in Warzone Tourism
Tales from Darker Places in Paradise: Towards a Logic of Warzone Travel
Epilogue: Decoding Sri Lankan-space by Sanjay Chaturvedi

‘. . . passionately argued and persuasively illustrated

. . . in this path-breaking study . . . mental borders as social constructions have proved to be far more stubborn than walls, fences, barriers and check posts built during the civil war.’

Sanjay Chaturvedi

“[The book is] quite thought provoking as it gives lots of insights in the construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of national identity.”

Free Press Journal, November 6, 2016

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