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Violence in America

Violence in America
Protest, Rebellion, Reform

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July 1989 | 528 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This third edition is a completely new book with the 12 chapters of this volume written specifically for it. The volume focuses on the issues that generate group violence. The contributors, four of whom contributed to the first edition, assess their views about the historical precedents and international parallels of American violence. There is a wealth of new evidence and theories that deepen our understanding about the sources of recurring conflict and the tenuous nature of consensus in American society.
Foreword to the 1988 Edition
Ted Robert Gurr
The History of Protest, Rebellion, and Reform in America
An Overview

Richard Maxwell Brown
Historical Patterns of Violence in America
Charles Tilly
Collective Violence in European Perspective
Ted Robert Gurr
Protest and Rebellion in the 1960s
The United States in World Perspective

Eckard V Toy Jr
Right-Wing Extremism from the Ku Klux Klan to the Order, 1915 to 1988
Jeanne Guillemin
American Indian Resistance and Protest
Robin Brooks
Domestic Violence and America's Wars
An Historical Interpretation

Ted Robert Gurr
Political Terrorism in the United States
Historical Antecedents and Contemporary Trends

Gail O'Brien
Return to `Normalcy'
Organized Racial Violence in the Post-World War II South

Doug McAdam and Kelly Moore
The Politics of Black Insurgency 1930-1975
James Button
The Outcomes of Contemporary Black Protest and Violence
Richard E Rubenstein
Group Rebellion in America
The Fire Next Time?

Hugh Davis Graham
Violence, Social Theory, and the Historians
The Debate over Consensus and Culture in America


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