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Variations in Organization Science

Variations in Organization Science
In Honor of Donald T Campbell

July 1999 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`Given the currency of the issues and the status of the contributors, this book will be an important foundational source for faculty and doctoral students in the organizations sciences' - Michael Tushman, Harvard University

Variations in Organization Science celebrates Donald T Campbell's many contributions to organization science, presenting new variations which stem directly from his work.

Contributing authors review and extend Campbell's theories in four major areas: blind variation, selection and retention especially inside firms; multilevel co-evolution in organizational parts and wholes; process level analysis and modelling epistemology and methodology.

The book includes an unusual appendix, Donald T Campbell's curriculum vitae.

Barbara Frankel Campbell
Bill McKelvey and Joel A C Baum
Donald T Campbell's Evolving Influence on Organization Science
Howard E Aldrich and Amy L Kenworthy
The Accidental Entrepreneur
Campbellian Antinomies and Organizational Foundings

Anne S Miner and Sri V Raghavan
Interorganizational Imitation
A Hidden Engine of Selection

Hayagreeva Rao and Jitendra V Singh
Types of Variation in Organizational Populations
The Speciation of New Organizational Forms

Elaine Romanelli
Blind (but not Unconditioned) Variation
Problems of Copying in Sociocultural Evolution

Danny Miller
Selection Processes inside Organizations
The Self-Reinforcing Consequences of Success

Joel A C Baum
Whole-Part Coevolutionary Competition in Organizations
Philip Anderson
Venture Capital Dynamics and the Creation of Variation through Entrepreneurship
Paul Ingram and Peter W Roberts
Suborganizational Evolution in the US Pharmaceutical Industry
Lori Rosenkopf and Atul Nerkar
On the Complexity of Technological Evolution
Exploring Coevolution Within and Across Hierarchical Levels in Optical Disc Technology

Andrew H Van de Ven and David N Grazman
Evolution in a Nested Hierarchy
A Geneology of Twin Cities Health Care Organizations 1853-1995

Tammy L Madsen, Elaine Mosakowski and Srilata Zaheer
Static and Dynamic Variation and Firm Outcomes
Brian T Pentland
Organizations as Networks of Actions
Alessandro Lomi and Erik R Larsen
Evolutionary Models of Local Interaction
A Computational Perspective

Bill McKelvey
Self-Organization, Complexity Catastrophe and Microstate Models at the Edge of Chaos
Martin G Evans
Donald T Campbell's Methodological Contributions to Organization Science
Margaretha Hendrickx
What Can Management Researchers Learn from Donald T Campbell, the Philosopher? An Exercise in Hermeneutics
Bill McKelvey
Toward a Campbellian Realist Organization Science

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