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Value Creation

Value Creation
The Definitive Guide for Business Leaders

First Edition
  • Gautam Mahajan - President, Customer Value Foundation, Inter-Link Services Private Limited, New Delhi

July 2016 | 338 pages | SAGE Response
Increasing disruption, diminishing returns, and demanding Customers require business leaders to create more Value, remain relevant, and stay ahead of competition. CEOs have to evolve a “Value Creation” culture for the company so as to properly balance the interests of Customers, Employees, Investors, and the Marketplace.

This pathbreaking book shifts the focus to Creating Value for the entire business ecosystem and not just for the shareholders. It will launch organizations into the world of Value Creation and will convert good CEOs and companies to great ones with longevity and higher profi­tability.
Why Is Value Creation Important for CEOs?
CEOs As Value Creators for Business/Customers
How CEOs Can Use Value Creation for Customers
CEOs Can See How Their Values (and Their Company’s Values) Creates Customer Value
Business Transformation Ideas for CEOs to Create Value
How CEOs Can and Why They Should Create Value for Employees
How And Why Cxos Such As Cfo/Marketing/HR Create Value
Value Creation and Customer Service/Loyalty Tips for CEOs
How CEOs Can Use Value Creation to Enhance Pricing
CEOs Learn from Value Creation and Education
Conclusion: How CEOs Drive Their Companies to Become Leaders through Value Creation and Increase Profits through Customer Value
Appendix I: Articles I Like
82 Ways to Add Value for Customers
Excellence Is Being Great At the Things Yours Customer Value Most
The Customer of the Future: and Your Future
Why Training Does Not Create Great Leaders?
Appendix II: Short Guide to Customer Value Creation Definitions from the Book

A very timely book on why and how companies must embrace and implement value creation culture!

Jagdish N. Sheth

For those who want to learn to create value, you’ve come home to this brilliant book.

Jack Mitchell,
Chairman, Mitchells Family of Stores, Author of Hug Your Customers, Hug Your People

This book is a classic, because it will change managerial thinking just like Tom Peters did "In Search of Excellence."

David Frigstad,
Chairman, Frost & Sullivan

In this excellent, very important book that supplements and extends the theory of value innovation and the creation of “blue oceans” as described by Kim and Mauborgne, Gautam Mahajan describes the priority, strategy, and difficult complexities of value creation as the core of a new generation of investment and management theory and practice that is now required in all businesses.

Dr William L. Miller
CEO, Innovation Extension Center LLC

This is a rich and rewarding book which will launch organizations into the world of value creation for customers and other stakeholders
and will convert good CEOs and companies to great ones with longevity and higher profitability. This book is a conceptual breakthrough which goes beyond the great Total Customer Value consulting work Gautam did for Godrej.

Adi Godrej
Chairman, the Godrej Group

One of the most important tasks in marketing is to create and communicate value to customers to drive their satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability. This new book will keep you enlightened on both concepts and application of value creation and it serves as an influential source for academics and practitioners alike.

Werner Reinartz
Professor of Marketing, University of Cologne

Yesterday, the landscape for competitive business owners extended between the Yellow Pages and a 20-mile radius around your consumer. Today, competition is global. With efficiencies in technology and greater access to consumer information, the edge is no longer guaranteed to the company with the biggest marketing budget—it’s going to the company that offers their customers the greatest advantage, benefit, and value. It’s all about “Value Creation.” Gautam Mahajan’s book offers many tips, ideas, and insights for the value-focused CEO to attain just such an advantage.

Charles E Gaudet II
Best-selling author, The Predictable Profits Playbook: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Dominating Any Market and Staying on Top

I enjoyed Gautam Mahajan’s recent book, Value Creation: The Definitive Guide for Business Leaders. It is very timely given the current conversations about value creation around the world and the waste created by driving stock prices on a quarterly basis with rewards going to a limited few. The book is a valuable catalyst, which should result in a more robust dialogue about long-term value creation for enterprises large and small. The key take away is that customer-centric businesses create value for all stakeholders which should result in higher valuations and stock prices over the very long term.

Edward A. Lapekas
Retired CEO and Chairman of the Board, American National Can Group and former President and Chief Operating Officer, Beverage World Wide Division, Pechiney (later Rio Tinto)

This book is fantastic, a 10 out of 10! Gautam provides CEOs with a practical guide to rediscover the customer relationship as an inspirational source of innovation that is applicable to any industry, and is very much needed today to drive lasting competitive advantage for sustainable, profitable growth!

Brent Zions
Value Creation Transformation Consultant

This book is a gem! While it is geared to CEOs, its style will be appreciated by anyone interested in helping their organization maximize the long-term value they create and minimizing the short-term value they destroy. Sprinkled throughout this book are real-world examples from real companies, analyses from widely respected sources, and references to articles which are available to everyone. If you are either beginning the value creation journey or updating your successful strategy, you should look no further than this book for information, inspiration, and insight.

Sam Klaidman
Principal Adviser, Middlesex Consulting

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