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Undoing Aesthetics

Undoing Aesthetics

First Edition

November 1997 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`The aestheticization of everyday life' has become a commonplace term, one which often merely scratches the surface of contemporary culture. This study illuminates the deeper dynamics of aesthetic reality from a philosophical perspective.

Wolfgang Welsch, author of the influential Aesthetic Thinking, develops an important analysis of contemporary culture with philosophical bite. He examines global aestheticization phenomena, probes the relationship of aesthetics and ethics, and considers the broad relevance of aesthetics for contemporary thinking. He argues that modes of thought familiar from the aesthetic realm comprise fundamental paradigms for understanding today's reality. The implications for specific and everyday issues are demonstrated in studies of architecture, advertising, the Internet and our perception of the life world.

Aestheticization Processes
Phenomena, Distinctions and Prospects

Basic Aesthetic Features in Contemporary Thinking
Ethical Implications and Consequences of Aesthetics

Aesthetics beyond Aesthetics
For a New Form to the Discipline

How Modern was Modern Architecture?
Contemporary Art in Public Space
A Feast for the Eyes or an Annoyance?

On the Hermeneutic Constitution of Art
Cities of the Future
Aspects from Architectural Theory and Cultural Philosophy

On the Way to an Auditive Culture
Artificial Paradises?
Considering the World of Electronic Media - and Other Worlds

Information Superhighway or Highway One?

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