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Understanding Performance Appraisal

Understanding Performance Appraisal
Social, Organizational, and Goal-Based Perspectives

February 1995 | 502 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A social-psychological model of organizational appraisal processes which emphasizes the goals pursued by raters, ratees and other users of performance appraisal is described in this book. The authors suggest ways in which this goal-oriented perspective might be applied in developing, implementing and evaluating performance appraisal systems.

The model emphasizes the context in which appraisal occurs and takes as a starting point the assumption that many of the apparent shortcomings of performance are, in fact, sensible adaptations to the various requirements, pressures and demands of that context.

Environmental Influences
Organizational Influences
Purposes of Performance Appraisals
Obtaining Information about Performance
Standards for Judging Performance
Processes in Evaluative Judgment
Rater Goals
Rater Motivation
Error and Accuracy Measures
Criteria That Reflect the Uses of Ratings
Does Performance Appraisal Help or Hurt the Organization?
Performance Appraisal and the Changing Context of Work and Organizations
Designing, Implementing and Evaluating a Goal-Oriented Appraisal System
Directions for Research and Practice

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ISBN: 9780803954755