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Understanding Human Rights

Understanding Human Rights
An Exercise Book

July 2006 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Human rights in the social work environment are either theortetical or general concepts that require application to the specifics of practical settings.

Understanding Human Rights is written with these practitioners in mind, avoiding lengthy, academic discussions, it provides exercises that easily translate human rights concepts into everyday practice.

Why Human Rights and Social Work?  
Human Rights and Law  
Purpose of This Book  
Outline of Book  
Teaching Human Rights and Social Work  
Ch. 1: What Are Human Rights?
Definition of Human Rights  
Three Sets of Human Rights  
Human Rights Terms  
Enforcement of Human Rights  
Ch. 2: Beginnings of Human Rights
Evolution of the Human Rights Framework  
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights  
Social Workers and Development of Human Rights  
Ch. 3: Building the Foundation: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Opening Statement  
Summary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  
Taking the Human Rights Temperature of Your Community  
Ch. 4: Beyond the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights  
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights  
Ch. 5: Human Rights and Vulnerable Groups
What is a Vulnerable Group?  
Women as a Vulnerable Group  
Children as a Vulnerable Group  
Victims of Racism as a Vulnerable Group  
Persons With Disabilities as a Vulnerable Group  
Persons With HIV-AIDS as a Vulnerable Group  
Older Persons as a Vulnerable Group  
Gays and Lesbians as a Vulnerable Group  
Ch. 6: Cultural Relativism
Guidelines for Analyzing Cultural Relativism  
Cultural Relativism - This Era's Facism?  
Ch. 7: Human Rights and Ethics
NASW Code of Ethics  
IFSW and Ethics  
Human Rights and Ethics  
Ch. 8: Social Work Practice and Human Rights
Preliminary Foundation for Applying Human Rights  
Ch. 9: The International Side of Human Rights and Social Work
International Human Rights Issues  

"In Understanding Human Rights: An Exercise Book, Elisabeth Reichert has written a basic introduction to human rights specifically for social workers and faculty who teach in this field. The book is clearly written and has a very practical orientation towards the subject of human rights that will engage many readers."

Debrah L. DeLaet
Drake University

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