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Understanding a New Presidency in the Age of Trump

Understanding a New Presidency in the Age of Trump

June 2018 | 96 pages | CQ Press

From the authors of The Politics of the Presidency comes this new supplement examining the unprecedented administration of Donald J. Trump. With their trademark balance between historical context, the current political environment, and contemporary scholarship on the executive branch, Joseph A. Pika, John Anthony Maltese, and Andrew Rudalevige offer students in American politics a brief but thorough overview of the Trump presidency’s first year of office. From the transition to the Russia investigation, Understanding a New Presidency in the Age of Trump grounds the ongoing news cycle in a deeper analysis of the executive branch, encouraging students to draw connections between current events and broader political science concepts. Whether packaged with another CQ Press title or used on its own, Understanding a New Presidency will give students the insight they need. 


Key Features:

  • Topics will align with American government courses, making it easy for instructors to seamlessly incorporate topics such as presidency and Congress, courts, media, and foreign policy into their course.
  • Discussion questions encourage students to become more engaged with the topics and help them better understand the current American government.
  • An analysis of Trump’s first year in office enables students to see comparisons with other administrations in the same time frame.
  • Discussions of first-year events help students understand the future trajectory of the Trump presidency.
The Transition
The Inauguration
The First Hundred Days
The Next Hundred Days and Beyond
Foreign Policy
President Trump: A Natural Experiment

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter (5) – (Foreign Policy).

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