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Twenty Four Brand Mantras

Twenty Four Brand Mantras
Finding a Place in the Minds and Hearts of Consumers

Second Edition

June 2018 | 116 pages | SAGE Response
" … an excellent book - a useful tool and guide in the hands of the young marketing executive."

KUMARAMANGALAM BIRLA, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group

"Jagdeep Kapoor truly understands brands… He has built winning brands, consulted with companies to help them build successful brands and is a superb communicator… must reading for every young brand manager."

ADI GODREJ, Chairman, Godrej Soaps Ltd.

"Written in a down-to-earth and simple and friendly style… will appeal equally to a fresh marketing student as to a senior marketing professional.

DR VASANT N PATANKAR, Lupin Professor in Business Philosophy and Strategy, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

This concise and practice-based book is aimed at helping marketeers to develop winning brand strategies. It presents 24 action-oriented mantras which can help to launch, build, rejuvenate, and grow successful brands.

The book focuses on building brands by appealing to both the minds and hearts of consumers. Culled from the author's vast experience as a marketing professional, the mantras are formulated to provide satisfaction to the consumer as also to create wealth for the marketeer. The book covers all the important elements of the marketing mix including segmentation, positioning, advertising, promotion, sales distribution, product portfolio design, pricing and customer service. Well illustrated with real-life examples of brands, he book makes for the successful articulation of a winning brand strategy.

To Build a Big Brand, Adopt a Short Brand Name
Do Not Let Jazzy Research Replace Common Sense
Use Benefit Segmentation to Build Brands
Sample to Sell Ample
Do Not Hesitate to Communicate
Like Salt, Use Advertising in the Right Proportion
Jo Dikhta Hai Woh Bikta Hai (What is Visible, Sells)
Brand Images are Fragile, Handle with Care
Your Consumer's Needs Come First
Do Not Underprice Yourself
Brands Must Make Profit, not only Noise
Focus on Consumption Rather than Purchase
Be Humble, or you Will Tumble
Build Relationships to Build Brands
Respect your Retailers
Avoid Generality to Give your Brand a Personality
Nurture your Brand as you Would a Child
Service is the First Step to a Great Brand
Remember, Consumer's Look for Perceived Value in Brands
Do Not Sell the Right Product to the Wrong Audience
Pay Heed to Consumer's Emotions
Do Not Prejudge your Consumer
Respect the Local Consumer
Be Honest, Do Not Con

More of a marketing book than an advertising creative book. Still trying to see if there is a way to incorporate it into the curriculum.

Mr Armando Pellerano
Strategic Communication, Butler University
October 7, 2013

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