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Tribal Communities and Social Change

Tribal Communities and Social Change

First Edition
Edited by:

February 2005 | 258 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
In almost all developing and developed societies, tribals are viewed as the 'other'—an anachronism or an object of curiosity. Initially marginalized by the creation of the boundaries of the nation-state, these indigenous peoples were further hedged in by colonialism and, then, by the indifferent or patronizing modern state. This volume brings together significant contributions by distinguished Indian and foreign scholars on the sociology of tribes, particularly those of India as also of Africa and Canada. It focuses on the social history of a cross-section of tribes in these three societies.

This book is one of the Indian Sociological Society: Golden Jubilee Volumes.

Series Note

B S Baviskar

K S Singh

Pariyaram M Chacko
Tribe, Region and Nation in the Context of the Indian State

Jaganath Pathy
Intersections among Tribalism, Ethnicity and Gender in the Light of African Data

Edwin S Segal
Individual Rights versus Collective Rights: The Debate on the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada

Toby Morantz
Meaning and Process of Tribal Integration in a Democratic Society

B K Roy Burman
Nature and Extent of Social Change in Tribal Society of Eastern India

T C Das
Education and Social Change among Tribals in India

B V Shah
A Sociological Analysis of Political Unification among the Scheduled Tribes of Rajasthan

S L Doshi
Religion of the Bhils: A Sociological Analysis

Ram Ahuja
The Western Romance with the Toda

Anthony R Walker
Crime: Primitive Law and Some Social Anthropologists

I P Desai
The Criminal Tribes of India

K M Kapadia
Phnse-Paradhis of Kolhapur: A Tribe in Transition

Vilas A Sangave
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