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Treating the Sexual Offender

Treating the Sexual Offender

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Sex Offenders (General)

February 1991 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Enhanced public awareness of sexual abuse and an increase in the number of reported sexual abuse cases has put pressure on practitioners to develop effective treatments for offenders. The behavioural approach to treating offenders is flourishing, but clinicians sometimes lack sufficient knowledge of assessment techniques and of the wide variety of available treatment modalities. This volume fills these gaps in knowledge by describing a multitude of techniques for treating sexual offenders in either an outpatient or inpatient setting.
The Development of Behavioral Techniques for the Sexual Offender
Kevin B McGovern
The Initial Assessment of the Sexual Offender
The Aversive Respondent Conditioning Techniques
The Reconditioning Techniques
The Positive Respondent Conditioning Techniques
The Operant Conditioning Techniques
Adjunctive Techniques
The Somatic Therapies
Homework Assignments
Data Generated by an Outpatient Sexual Abuse Clinic
Summary and Future Directions

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ISBN: 9780803936638