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Transforming Schools

Transforming Schools
Empowering Children

First Edition
  • Arun Kapur - Director, Vasant Valley School, New Delhi

February 2007 | 276 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This book facilitates a dialogue about teaching and learning in the school environment with an understanding that the art and practice of teaching needs to keep pace with emerging demands and challenges. With social distinctions becoming fluid and workplaces increasingly complex, schools too need to change and develop systems to confront these challenges.

Arun Kapur, a leading educator, weaves together his expertise and experience to offer insights into what makes a ‘great’ school. He provides the tools and resources for directing a school on its journey with a growth plan for all stakeholders in a school–students, teachers, administrators and parents.

Some of the issues discussed are:

- Rationale and purpose of a school
- Curriculum design
- Models of assessment
- Impact of technology
- Teacher training
- Leadership and management
- Individualised learning
- Inclusive education
The Purpose of Schools
Holistic Learning
Teacher Curriculum
Lesson Planning
Teaching for Diversity and Inclusion

Transforming Schools…can be a valuable guide for those teachers, who, aware of the out-datedness of the present education system, are eager to re-create it along new lines. Kapur underlines the importance of increased interaction between students and teachers. He shows how the low priority accorded to teaching as a profession has resulted in a lack of motivation among those who take up the job.

The Telegraph

Kapur suggests a four-pronged approach towards evaluation that combines four wheels of learning: academics, arts, physical fitness and the outreach.

The Pioneer

The author…weaves together his experience as a teacher to offer insights into the changes required in the school environment to confront increasingly complex social situations.

Free Press Journal

Transforming Schools…hopes to initiate dialogues on teaching and learning, and points out what goes into making a great school.

The Indian Express

This book can be of immense help to teachers for it introduces a variety of methods that could pave way for them to achieve success in and out of school. Arun Kapur has rightly pointed out that the school; of yesteryears prepared social layers….The book gives a vision of a great school as it ought to be in the modern times.

Asia Views

Transforming Schools- Empowering Children is an analytical study of what ingredients are required to establish a great school…Inclusion of personalised examples and figures makes this book unique.


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