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Transactional Analysis Journal

Transactional Analysis Journal

eISSN: 23295244 | ISSN: 03621537 | Current volume: 47 | Current issue: 4 Frequency: Quarterly

The Transactional Analysis Journal is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal focusing on transactional analysis theory, principles, and applications in various fields, including psychotherapy, counseling, education, and organizational development. Published quarterly since 1971, it offers scholarly articles from all theoretical perspectives and fields of application, including quantitative and qualitative research, case studies, literature surveys, book reviews, and reflective essays. Two of the four annual issues are organized around specific themes.

Established in 1971, the Transactional Analysis Journal is published quarterly to advance the theory, principles, and practice of transactional analysis.

As a peer-reviewed journal, the TAJ offers scholarly and research articles as well as book reviews. The TAJ frequently features theme issues on topics such as ethics, learning from our mistakes, training and supervision, redecision therapy, Eric Berne, the body in therapy, case studies, the schizoid process, transactional analysis in education, the evolving field of organizational transactional analysis, transactional analysis and psychoanalysis, gay and lesbian issues, transactional analysis in Latin America, and freedom and responsibility. Upcoming theme issues will include “Groups,” “Transactional Analysis with Children and Adolescents,” “The Many Facets of Counseling,” and “Loss, Death, and Dying.”

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