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Data Planet training resources

On this page you can download training resources for Data Planet: a statistical data repository and aggregation tool, providing access to over 6 billion datasets, from 75 global sources. The materials are organised into two categories. The first category contains resources that anyone can use to learn about Data Planet independently, such as self-guided PowerPoints and product tips. The second category contains resources that librarians can use to deliver training and information sessions to other users, such as presentations and lesson plans.

You can modify and adapt each resource, to best meet the needs of your users.


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An introduction to Data Planet

An introduction to Data Planet

This resource will teach you everything you need to know about Data Planet. You can dip in and out to learn about something specific, or follow the whole presentation in order, depending on your needs.

Format: PowerPoint

Trainer's top tips for faculty, researchers and students

Data Planet Trainer's top tips for faculty, researchers, and students

If you're a faculty member, researcher or student, check out this resource to learn the most essential things about Data Planet, as chosen by our knowledgeable Training team!

Format: PDF

Trainer's top tips for librarians

Data Planet Trainer's top tips for librarians

If you're in charge of promoting or training on Data Planet at your instituition, see what our Trainers think you should know - all our top tips on a single page!

Format: PDF

Data Planet demonstration video

Data Planet demonstration video

This 20-minute video tutorial provides a detailed walkthrough of the Data Planet platform, covering key functionality such as browsing through indicators, multi-selecting and overlaying data, manipulating your charts and using the custom calculator feature.

Format: Youtube video

Data Planet LibGuide

Data Planet LibGuide

This collection of ready-made guides will give users some helpful tips for navigating the Data Planet platform, including finding, manipulating and exporting data.

Format: Web link




If you are in Asia, please contact your local Training Manager, Khee Hiang Lim, on