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Towards Personal Excellence

Towards Personal Excellence
Psychometric Tests and Self-Improvement Techniques for Managers

Second Edition
  • Seema Sanghi - Managing Director, Styrax Consultants Pvt. Ltd

February 2007 | 284 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
From the Foreword by Udai Pareek, ‘Even though the need for self-development and increasing the level of excellence and effectiveness is high, people do not have enough time for self-study, nor for attending courses being offered. Moreover, people may like to go at their own pace, select the time they can find to devote to self-development, and choose the areas more relevant to them at that time.

The present volume seems to fulfil these needs—to help the readers to pick up the areas they are more concerned with…. Seema Sanghi has simplified the various concepts and theories in the form of practical hints for increasing excellence of various personal and interpersonal skills. Howsoever busy an individual may be, he or she can use the book to review his/her level of effectiveness, and use the tips to enhance it.’

The second edition of this enormously successful book is packed with more ways to maximize your potential with added sections on self-evaluation. This edition contains more ‘mirror image’ questionnaires covering a wider scope of multiple managerial competencies, including creativity and innovation. The book contains six pilot-tested modules each with a cluster of skills and a self-assessment questionnaire (with response sheets), which enables the reader/user to record individual strengths and weaknesses to keep track of the process of learning. The author covers the following areas:

– Managerial Skills
– Communication Skills
– Group Dynamics Skills
– Environment Management Skills
– Self-enhancement Powers
– Career Planning
Foreword Professor Udai Pareek
Section A - Managerial Skills
Section B - Communication Skills
Section C - Group Dynamics Skills
Section D - Environment Management Skills
Section D - Environment Management Skills
Section F - Career Planning

The book is generally easy on the eye and quick to read, although the odd circumlocution has slipped through the sub-editing process. There is, for my liking, too much space devoted to the various questionnaires and assessments and too little to imaparting ways of improvement.

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ISBN: 9780761935049