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New Journals

New journals are added to SAGE Premier annually as they join the SAGE list. As a benefit of a SAGE Premier All-Access* subscription, access is granted to new content added to SAGE Premier for the term of the agreement. Not all new journals are included or make it into the current year package (please see below for more information).

New Titles Added to Premier in 2020

*SAGE Premier All-Access customers have the benefit of gaining additional titles, acquired annually by SAGE, that are added to SAGE Premier. For SAGE Premier All-Access customers, access to the new titles will begin as of January 1st.  There may be a chance that access is provided earlier for titles already published by SAGE.  For titles not yet published as of January 1st, access will be available once the journal is live on the SAGE Journals platform. Please see “Maintained Holdings Requirement” for SAGE Premier All-Access customers.

Additional Current SAGE Premier Title Lists

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Titles Not Included in SAGE Premier 2020

A SAGE Premier subscription includes access to the majority of journal content published by SAGE. Some titles, due to various contractual obligations with our society partners, are not included in SAGE Premier and need to be subscribed to individually. Some titles are acquired late in the year and did not make the cut-off period to make it into the current year package. Many of these titles will be added to the next year collection.

List of Titles Not in Premier 2020

List of Titles No Longer Published in Premier 2020