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Tips for Facilitating a Neurodiverse Classroom

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Tips for Facilitating a Neurodiverse Classroom

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This webinar, led by Krisstal D. Clayton, provides an introduction to neurodiversity in the classroom and how restructuring your syllabus, assignments, and course materials can enhance everyone's learning. Tips focus on providing all students with a more accessible learning environment that includes ADA compliance, flexibility, clear instructions, and team-building. 

Inclusive pedagogy for neurodivergent students has been, and remains, a focus for Dr. Clayton. Her course materials demonstrate that persons who identify as neurodivergent are an asset in the workforce and also enhance team performance. To facilitate an inclusive classroom, Dr. Clayton consistently implements teaching strategies that she learned in collaboration with experts in neurodiversity such as Hiren Shulka of the EY Neurodiverse Center for Excellence, and specialized training which includes her completion of the Understanding and Supporting Diverse Learning course with Landmark College, and several workshops on diversity and inclusive learning at the University of North Texas, the National Institute for the Teaching of Psychology (NITOP), and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Center for Project-Based Learning.

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