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Thoughtful Health Care

Thoughtful Health Care
Ethical Awareness and Reflective Practice

  • David Seedhouse - Values Exchange, University of Derby, UK, Western Sydney University, Australia

© 2017 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Thoughtful Health Care offers a timely antidote to a climate dominated by endless rules, regulations, mission statements and codes of practice.

Fixation on avoiding risk at all costs has created a checkbox culture where everyone is treated according to standardised plans. But people are complicated, and cannot be understood disconnected from the complex histories, values, and environments that shape us. Obsessive focus on ‘safety first’ has obscured this reality and drastically undervalued critical thinking and insightful practice.  

David Seedhouse explains how simplistic labelling, mindless targets and empty slogans have created a delusion of control and efficiency, obscuring actual patient and carer realities. Using thought-provoking examples from health care and beyond, the book advocates the restoration of thoughtfulness, creativity, and independence in health work. By reading this book, students and practitioners alike will be aided in developing their decision making and critical thinking skills, and ultimately serve those in their care better and with more honesty. The book ends with a powerful and practical toolkit that can be used thoughtfully and effectively by every open-minded health worker.

Thoughtful Health Care is for any health worker committed to caring with ethical awareness and practical sensitivity.

Chapter 1: The Values Delusion
Chapter 2: Labels
Chapter 3: Creating Reality
Chapter 4: Odyssey
Chapter 5: Purpose
Chapter 6: Ethics is Everywhere
Chapter 7: The Delusion Detector
Chapter 8: The Toolkit

‘This thought provoking book contests the ideas of values and ethical awareness that are inherent in health and social care settings today. The reader is encouraged to reflect on established perspectives and reframe views. It is very accessible and broad in its appeal. I would recommend to all health and social care professionals.’

Angela Hudson
University of the West of England, UK

'When every organisation – from the NHS to CocaCola – has its list of platitudinous 'core values', on which all its practices are allegedly 'based', Seedhouse's penetrating scepticism is not only refreshing but urgently needed.  This book is wilfully contentious – for the most part legitimately so. Seedhouse cares less about convincing us he is right on any given issue, much more about encouraging the genuine, critical thinking and practice that organisations agree, in principle, we need, but which so many of their structures inhibit.'

Michael Loughlin
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

A book I shall definitely be recommending as a key text for a new module I shall be teaching next year on Ethical Issues in the Health and Social Care workplace. This will be very popular among students.

Dr Colin Cameron
Department of Social Work and Communitie, University of Northumbria
August 14, 2017

This book really links the subjects of reflection and ethics in order for the student to consider them together.The format is clear and interesting to read with useful chapter summaries and reflective activities.

Mrs Lisa Jennison
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Hull University
August 9, 2017

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