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Thinking Creatively at Work

Thinking Creatively at Work
A Sourcebook

First Edition

August 2008 | 224 pages | SAGE Response
Thinking Creatively at Work: A Sourcebook moves away from linear and static notions of creativity to put forth a dynamic, comprehensive and contextualized understanding of the subject. It captures process and outcome dimensions, integrating multiple viewpoints from cognitive psychology, while strengthening intra-organizational contexts.

The book offers a graded, holistic training program that fills a gap felt by management educators and trainers. It encompasses the mandates of the deficit and barrier models of creativity training, addressing techniques, facilitators and inhibitors. The program ensures lasting changes in the individual's cognitive abilities and integrates these with his existing skills.

PART I. Understanding the Sphere of Creativity
PART II. Getting Oriented
Module 1. Initiating Ideation
Module 2. Thinking Laterally
Module 3. Relayering
Module 4. Fantasy Trials
Module 5. Essential Brainstorming

It is a source book and the author has made a detailed study of work done by various scientists in understanding creativity and how it works…. The book traces the complete history of creativity in its role of helping organisations to survive and further progress and will be an asset to both organisations and business students.


Thinking Creatively at Work by Premilla D`Cruz can be a good source of practical guide to the HR managers, trainers, faculties of B-Schools and Organization Development (OD) practitioners to develop and operate training programs for organizations keen to maintain a competitive edge. The book is contextualized in the domain of management providing instructors with a detailed program that covers creativity techniques, facilitators and inhibitors.

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[This book] offers a graded, holistic training programme that fills a gap felt by management educators and trainers. The book will serve as a useful guide for the faculty of business schools, HR managers, trainers and organisation development practitioners.

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Redefining the problem provides the opportunity to look at the situation from different viewpoints…the initial way in which one looks at a problem is biased by past experience, learning, knowledge and habit, and redefinition permits alternative points of view to emerge, often leading to a holistic understanding…Useful guide to kick-start creativity.

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