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The Ultimate Secrets of Advertising

The Ultimate Secrets of Advertising

December 2001 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
· Does advertising work?

· How does advertising work?

· How much advertising works?

· How can advertising be measured and made accountable?

The last question effectively sums up the principal topic of this work. This accountability can only be answered by finding a way of calculating the financial return from advertising during a finite period (factoring out all other influences on the sales of a brand), and comparing this return to the cost of the investment.

Based on state-of-the-art research, this work is a thorough study of advertising accountability and the comparison of investment and return. John Phillip Jones analyzes and clarifies the latest research into terms that professionals and students can use. He provides answers to the principal questions facing advertising professionals today, setting out a methodology that covers the creative process, budgets and media with the ultimate goal of the measurement of effect.

This volume makes an excellent research aid that will enhance skills and assist in the study of advertising and marketing.

Big Ideas and Good Ideas
Passing through the Gate
Getting It Right the First Time
Repetition, Competition and the Growth (or Decline) of Brands
Keeping the Brand in the Window
The Bridge to the Long Term
A First Measure of Long-Term Effects
The Depth of Advertising's Long-Term Effects
Can Doses of Advertising Produce Doses of Profit?
Frozen Effects versus Continuous Effects
Snapshots versus Movies


"John Philip Jones’s new book is a provocative and lively challenge to much conventional advertising practice."

Southcot House, Executive Planning Director, BMP,DDB, U. K.

"Professor John Philip Jones is more than a fine teacher, he is an exceptional thinker. John at last brings structure, clarity, and understanding to the murky business of how advertising contributes to brand profits. Reading his new book I found myself nodding ‘yes, yes, yes’ to things I had never read before."

President, Ephron, Papazian & Ephron, Inc.

"John Phillip Jones has set himself the highest hurdle there is—how to make advertising accountable. His argument is precise, and his language entertaining and intelligent, making this quest an essential, provocative and delightfully enjoyable voyage for professionals and students alike. Read it."

Executive Vice President of J. Walter Thompson

"Building on his original single-source data analysis, Jones demonstrates in depth the potential power of advertising ideas. His new Gatekeeper model gives his thesis some real teeth and provides marketers and agencies with an invaluable tool to harness creativity profitably on behalf of brands."

Director General of the IPA and co-author of 'Brand Spirit' and 'Brand Manners'

This book is good for students studying advertising. It should not be taken as the ultimate answer to the secrets of advertising, but it does pose some interesting views. The way in which those views are presented is different from the usual textbook and should be commended for this, but it needs to be read alongside other more general books on the subject for a better overall view.

Mr Gerard Ryan
Business Department, Staffordshire University
October 21, 2010

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