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The Technical Collection of Intelligence

The Technical Collection of Intelligence

July 2010 | 352 pages | CQ Press
Technical collection represents the largest asymmetric edge that technologically advanced countries such as the United States and its allies have in the intelligence business. Intelligence veteran Robert M. Clark&BAD:rsquo;s new book offers a succinct, logically organized, and well written overview of technical collection, explained at a non technical level for those new to the field. Filling a void in the literature, The Technical Collection of Intelligence is the only book that comprehensively examines the collection, processing, and exploitation of non-literal intelligence information, including laser, acoustic, and infrared signals; non-imaging optical intelligence sources; and radar tracking and measurement of aerospace vehicles. A compelling final chapter addresses the substantial challenges that come with managing technical collection. A stunning full-color interior design features high quality graphics while a handy &BAD:ldquo;tabs&BAD:rdquo; feature keeps content at the ready. A useful list of recommended books and reports, a glossary of terms, and a list of acronyms make this guide a go-to resource. Technical Collection will prove invaluable to all source analysts, managers of technical collection, customers of intelligence, and recruiters for the intelligence community.

This is a very good book for students who are narrowly studying Intelligence, particularly so called INTs.

Mr Ikrom Yakubov
Department of Politics, Dundee University
February 10, 2016

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