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The Startup’s Guide to Sales

The Startup’s Guide to Sales
How Not to Crash and Burn

December 2019 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

From that gleam in your eye, to prototype, to production— you are all set to wow the world with your genius. You take the first step towards your goal and realize that between you and the consumer is a moat full of dragons, demons and turbulence that you must cross to make it to ‘Start-up Paradise’.

The Start-up’s Guide to Sales is a practical book that helps you navigate the perils of wrong selling. This is not sales theory, but a ‘tried-out’ recipe book for success. Read on and sail the choppy waters with sales savvy!

Roshan L Joseph and Ram Mohan Menon, mavens of sales, distribution and marketing, have trudged through global markets to find what works and what must be avoided. The language is distilled and easy, and their advice is clear and unambiguous for they have been there and done that.

Foreword by Kurush Grant
Section I. Do I Need a Sales Force?
What If I Sold on My Own?
Why Not Use E-Commerce to Sell?
Can I Outsource Sales?
Is Training an Essential Input for Sales?
Section II. Building an Effective Sales Force
Is Relevant Experience an Important Criterion for Selecting Sales Force?
What Are the Skills and Competencies Desired in a Salesperson?
What Should Be the Size of My Sales Team?
How to Conduct the Recruiting Process for Hiring a Salesperson?
Section III. Is Training of Sales Team Necessary?
What Are the Skills to Be Imparted?
What Are the Basic Selling Skills?
How to Make a Presentation?
How to Ensure On-the-Job Training?
Section IV. How Good Do You Want to Look?
How to Present Oneself in the Market?
How to Make a Positive Contact at Every Interaction with the Customer?
How Does One Start a Meeting and Follow a Template for Success?
What Business Etiquette Must Be Followed?
How Important Is It to Be Punctual?
Section V. What Should the Distribution Design Be? Is There a Method in the Madness?
What Is the Difference between Distributor, Stockist and Wholesaler?
Are Distributors Still Relevant?
What Is the Area of Coverage Planned?
What Should Be the Trade Margin?
What Should Be the Trade Payment Terms?
Section VI. Time and Territory Management
What Is the Concept of a Territory That Is Allotted to the Salesperson?
What Is a Planned Journey Cycle?
Does Pareto Apply in Territory Management?
How Can a Salesperson Develop Sales?
Section VII. Reporting by Sales Team
What Are the Types of Reports Submitted by the Sales Team?
What Are the Principles Adopted for Reporting?
Typical Sales Reporting Topics and Formats
Section VIII. Costing of a Sales Team
Elements of Cost That Are Considered in Costing of Sales Team
Why Is It Important to Arrive at the Planned Journey Cycle Cost?
What Is the Concept of Daily Allowance or Bhatta?
What Is the Role of Salary and Incentives?
Section IX. Ways to Encourage People to Buy More or Sell More
What Is Sales Promotion and When Is It Required?
What Are the Types of Sales Promotions Normally Seen?
Do Sales Promotion Schemes Get Misused?
Do We Need to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Sales Promotion?
Section X. Keeping the Spark Alive
The Dangers of Sales Team Losing Interest in Their Job
Need for the Spark to Keep Them Motivated and Perform at Their Peak
Techniques to Keep the Sales Team Charged Up
Section XI. Sales Leadership
How Is the Role of a Sales Manager Different from a Frontline Sales Personnel?
How to Make the Sales Manager Lead the Team Effectively?
Simple Techniques to Keep the Team Performing at Peak Levels
Section XII. A Tribute to Startups, Wherever

‘The challenges of selling a new product are enormous. This book provides the reader a practical step-by-step understanding of how to go about it. Extremely useful for the techpreneur, and a great refresher for the experienced.’

Bijou Kurien,
Former President and CEO, Reliance Retail

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