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The Sociology of HIV Transmission

The Sociology of HIV Transmission

July 1995 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In this broad-ranging book, Michael Bloor gives an overview of our current understanding of the social conditions and contexts of HIV transmission.

The author examines the social epidemiology of HIV transmission in its different manifestations in the developing world and in the West, looking at heterosexual and homosexual transmission, sex tourism and prostitution, injecting drug users, haemophiliacs and transfusion recipients. He goes on to look at reports of sociological studies of risk behaviour among men who have sex with men, among heterosexual and bisexual men and women, and among those who share syringes. Drawing on his own research, Michael Bloor presents a critical examination of the different theoretical models of risk and considers their implications for disease prevention.

The Epidemic of HIV Infection in the Developing World
The Epidemic of HIV Infection in the Developed World
Sociological Studies of Risk Behaviour
Theories of Risk Behaviour

`For those who need an update on HIV/AIDS research this is a very welcome, informative text on the core issues in transmission and risk.... Bloor's ability to discuss the various theories of risk behaviour in relation to his research amongst Glasgow male prostitutes makes rewarding reading. Apart from the comprehensive view of HIV transmission the application of the phenomenological approach and specifically Schutz's systems of relevances as a "heuristic device for the ordering of a range of cognitive activity" is illuminating.... One further point is to do with the utility of the book. Extracts have been read b y students I have taught and as a teaching text the book seems to stimulate discussion and debate. It is written in an unlaboured language and can be recommended to a wide readership' - Medical Sociology News

`[An} interesting and well-written study' - Choice

`[A] well-documented book... An excellent book to ponder over and a required book for anyone doing sociological research concerning AIDS. Highly recommended for all academic and medical libraries' - AIDS Book Review Journal

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