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The Sage Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice

The Sage Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice

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October 2020 | 696 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The SAGE Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice is the first major survey of innovations in professional practice emerging from a social constructionist orientation to social science. This key perspective has been unique in its stimulation of pioneering practices over a broad number of professions. This volume offers insights into the latest developments in theory, showcases the range and variations in practical outcomes, while pointing to emerging directions of development. The Handbook focuses on hands-on practices, while offering the theoretical tools for further enriching their application.  The authors are leading figures in their fields, including organizational development, therapy, healthcare, education, research, and community building. The volume will be particularly useful for students, scholars, professional practitioners, and change makers from across the globe.

 PART ONE: Introduction

PART TWO: Research Practices

PART THREE: Practices in Therapeutic Professions

PART FOUR: Practices in Organizational Development

PART FIVE: Practices in Education

PART SIX: Practices in Healthcare

PART SEVEN: Community Practices

Sheila McNamee, Mary Gergen, Celiane Camargo-Borges, & Emerson F. Rasera
Editors' Introduction
Part 1: Introduction
Kenneth J. Gergen
Chapter 1: Constructionist Theory and the Blossoming of Practice
Part 2: Research Practices
Mary Gergen
Chapter 2: Introduction to Research Section
Celiane Camargo Borges & Sheila McNamee
Chapter 3: Research as Innovation: An Invitation to Creative and Imaginative Inquiry Processes
Ottar Ness & Dina von Heimburg
Chapter 4: Collaborative Action Research: Co-constructing Social Change for the Common Good
Hilary Bradbury
Chapter 5: Action Research and Social Constructionism: Community of Inquiry/Practice
Mary Gergen
Chapter 6: Research as Performative Inquiry
Sally St. George & Dan Wulff
Chapter 7: We Are All Researchers
Rocio Chaveste & ML Papusa Molina
Chapter 8: To Know and Not to Know: Dialogic Social Inquiry
Gail Simon & Leah Salter
Chapter 9: Transmaterial Worlding as Inquiry
Tanya Mudry & Tom Strong
Chapter 10: Researching Socio-material Practices: Inquiries into the Human/non-human Interweave
Part 3: Practices in Therapeutic Professions
Sally St. George & Dan Wulff
Chapter 11: Curiosity and Generativity: Welcome to Practices in the Therapeutic Professions
Stanley L. Witkin & Christopher Hall
Chapter 12: Social Construction and Social Work Practice
Harlene Anderson
Chapter 13: Collaborative-Dialogic Practice: A Relational Process of Inviting Generativity and Possibilities
Dora Fried Schnitman
Chapter 14: Generative Dialogues: Creating Resources and Possibilities in Therapy
Jasmina Sermijn
Chapter 15: How Symbolic Witnesses Can Help Counter Dominant Stories and Enrich Communities of Concern
Emerson F. Rasera & Carla Guanaes-Lorenzi
Chapter 16: Contributions of Social Constructionism to Group Work
Lois Holzman
Chapter 17: Constructing Social Therapeutics
Marilene Grandesso
Chapter 18: Integrative Community Therapy: Creating a Communitarian Context of Generative and Transformative Conversations
Jill Freedman & Gene Combs
Chapter 19: Individuals in Competition of Communities in Connection? Narrative Therapy in the Era of Neoliberalism
Karl Tomm
Chapter 20: Post-Truth and a Justification for Therapeutic Initiative
Part 4: Practices in Organizational Development
Diana Whitney
Chapter 21: When Social Constructionism Joins the Organization Development Conversation
Gitte Haslebo
Chapter 22: Relational Ethics in Organizational Life
Lone Hersted
Chapter 23: Working with Relational Leading and Meaning Making in Teams of Leaders
Haesun Moon
Chapter 24: Coaching: Using Ordinary Words in Extraordinary Ways
Johan Hovelynck, Marc Craps, Art Dewulf, Koen Sips, Tharsi Taillier, & Rene Bouwen
Chapter 25: Relational Practices for Generative Multi-Actor Collaboration
Ginny Belden-Charles, Morgan Mann Willis, & Jenny Lee
Chapter 26: Designing Relationally Responsive Organizations
Amanda Trosten-Bloom & Barbara Lewis
Chapter 27: Large Scale Appreciative Inquiry: New Futures through Shared Conversations
Danielle Zandee
Chapter 28: Zooming in on the Micro-Dynamics of Social Innovation: Enabling Novelty through Relational Constructionist Practice
Gervase Bushe & Robert Marshak
Chapter 29: Social Construction and the Practice of Dialogic Organization Development
Part 5: Practices in Education
Thalia Dragonas
Chapter 30: Education as Relational Process and Practice: Introduction
Rolla Lewis
Chapter 31: Lifescaping: Cultivating Flourishing School Cultures
Gro Emmertsen Lund
Chapter 32: Creating School Harmony
Ingebjorg Maeland
Chapter 33: Creating New Futures through Collaboration: Dropouts No More
Dawn Dole
Chapter 34: Collaborative, Appreciative, and Experiential Pedagogy in Educational Settings
Michael Williams & John Winslade
Chapter 35: School Counseling
Tom Billington & Dan Goodley
Chapter 36: Relief of Critical Educational Psychology and the Nomadism of Critical Disability Studies: Social Constructionism in Practice
Harriet Cameron
Chapter 37: Specific Learning Difficulties as a Relational Category: Reconstruction, Redistribution and Resistance in Higher Educational Practice
Thalia Dragonas
Chapter 38: Intercultural Education: Empowering Minority Learners
Scherto Gill & Kenneth Gergen
Chapter 39: Educational Evaluation: A Relational Perspective
Part 6: Practices in Healthcare
Murilo S. Moscheta
Chapter 40: Political, Collaborative and Creative: Dimensions of Social Constructionist Health Care Practices
Ellen Raboin & Paul N. Uhlig
Chapter 41: Collaborative Re-construction of Health Care
Karen Gold
Chapter 42: Words Matter: Promoting Relationality in Healthcare through Narrative Medicine
William Randall
Chapter 43: Strengthening Our Stories in the Second Half of Life: Narrative Resilience through Narrative Care
Lorraine Hedtke
Chapter 44: From an Individualist to a Relational Model of Grief
Natalie May, Julie Haizlip, & Margaret Plews-Ogan
Chapter 45: Changing the Conversation: Appreciative Inquiry and Appreciative Practices in Healthcare
Pavel Nepustil
Chapter 46: Populating Recovery: Mobilizing Relational Sources for Healing Addiction
Murilo S. Moscheta & Emerson F. Rasera
Chapter 47: Health Care Practices for LGBT People
Edgardo Morales
Chapter 48: Mindfulness as a Generative Resource in Compassionate Health
Arlene Katz & Kathleen Clark with Elizabeth Jameson
Chapter 49: Toward Relational Engagement: Poetic Reflections in Care
Saliha Bava
Chapter 50: Play Creates Well-being: The Contingency and the Creativity of Human Interation
Part 7: Community Practices
Marie L. Hoskins
Chapter 51: Community Building from a Social Constructionist Lens
John Winslade & Gerald Monk
Chapter 52: Narrative Mediation
Janet Newbury
Chapter 53: Inclusion and Community Building: Profoundly Particular
Celiane Camargo-Borges & Cesar Ferragi
Chapter 54: Placemaking, Social Construction, and the Global South
Jacob Storch & Carsten Hornstrop
Chapter 55: Re-imagining the Welfare State: From Systems Delivery to Collaborative Relationship
David Hooker
Chapter 56: Transformative Community Conferencing - A Constructionist Approach to a More Hopeful Future
Victoria Lugo
Chapter 57: Relational Community Practices for Transitional Societies
Ilene C. Wasserman & Erin W. Taylor
Chapter 58: Knowing Ourselves in the Stories of Us: The Inclusive Practice of "Be-Longing"
Kristin Bodiford & Peter Whitehouse
Chapter 59: Intergenerative Community Building: Intergenerational Relationship for Co-creating Flourishing Futures
Duane R. Bidwell
Chapter 60: Social Construction, Practical Theology, and the Practices of Religious Communities

The quality and breadth of this handbook is amazing.  Contributions range from research methodology to constructionist practices in particular settings such as healthcare, education, and organizational development.  Imbued with the full range of theory.  A very welcome and leading addition to the field!   

Jaber F. Gubrium
Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri

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ISBN: 9781526488879

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