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The SAGE Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment

The SAGE Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment
Personality Theories and Models (Volume 1)

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© 2008 | 808 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This Handbook of Personality Theory and Assessment 2-Volume Set constitutes an essential resource for shaping the future of the scientific foundation of personality research, measurement, and practice.

It reviews the major contemporary personality models (Volume 1) and associated psychometric measurement instruments (Volume 2) that underpin the scientific study of this important area of psychology.

With contributions from internationally renowned academics, this work will be an important reference work for a host of researchers and practitioners in the fields of individual differences and personality assessment, clinical psychology, educational psychology, work and organizational psychology, health psychology and other applied fields as well.

Volume 1: Personality Theories and Models.

Deals with the major theoretical models underlying personality instruments and covers the following broad topics, listed by section heading:

" Explanatory Models For Personality

" Comprehensive Trait Models

" Key Traits: Psychobiology

" Key Traits: Self-Regulation And Stress

" New Trait And Dynamic Trait Constructs

" Applications

1 Personality Theories and Models: An Overview Gregory J. Boyle, Gerald Matthews and Donald H. Saklofske
2 Psychophysiological and Biochemical Correlates of Personality Robert M. Stelmack and Thomas H. Rammsayer
3 Personality and Information Processing: A Cognitive-Adaptive Theory Gerald Matthews
4 Explanatory Models of Personality: Social-Cognitive Theories and the Knowledge-and-Appraisal Model of Personality Architecture Daniel Cervone
5 Developmental Perspectives Jens B. Asendorpf
6 Personality: Cross-Cultural Perspectives Chi-Yue Chiu, Young-Hoon Kim and Wendy W.N. Wan
7 Behavioral Genetic Studies of Personality: An Introduction and Review of the Results of 50+ Years of Research Andrew M. Johnson, Philip A. Vernon and Amanda R. Feiler
8 Evolutionary Perspectives on Personality Psychology Richard L. Michalski and Todd K. Shackelford
9 Modern Personality Theories: What Have We Gained? What Have We Lost? John B. Campbell
10 Eysenck's Model of Individual Differences Kieron P. O'Connor
11 J.A. Gray's Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory (RST) of Personality Alan D. Pickering and Philip J. Corr
12 Simplifying the Cattellian Psychometric Model Gregory J. Boyle
13 Empirical and Theoretical Status of the Five-Factor Model of Personality Traits Robert R. McCrae and Paul T. Costa, Jr.
14 Critique of the Five-Factor Model of Personality Gregory J. Boyle
15 Approach and Avoidance Temperaments Andrew J. Elliot and Todd M. Thrash
16 Biological Substrate of Personality Traits Associated with Aggression Marijn Lijffijt, Alan C. Swann and F. Gerard Moeller
17 Psychoticism and Impulsivity David Rawlings and Sharon Dawe
18 Personality and Sensation Seeking Marvin Zuckerman
19 Schizotypal Personality Models Melissa J. Green, Gregory J. Boyle and Adrian Raine
20 Anxiety Revisited: Theory, Research, Applications Moshe Zeidner
21 A Multidimensional, Hierarchical Model of Self-Concept: An Important Facet of Personality Herbert W. Marsh
22 Optimism and Pessimism as Personality Variables Linked to Adjustment Rita Chang, Edward C. Chang, Lawrence J. Sanna and Robert L. Hatcher
23 Self-Consciousness and Similar Personality Constructs Jakob Smári, Daníel Ólason and Ragnar P. Ólafsson
24 Personality and the Coping Process James D.A. Parker and Laura M. Wood
25 Motivational Traits: New Directions and Measuring Motives with the Multi-Motive Grid (MMG) Thomas A. Langens and Heinz-Dieter Schmalt
26 Processes on the Borderline Between Cognitive Abilities and Personality: Confidence and its Realism Lazar Stankov and Sabina Kleitman
27 Culture: Ways of Thinking and Believing Lazar Stankov and Jihyun Lee
28 Emotional Intelligence Elizabeth J. Austin, James D.A. Parker, K.V. Petrides and Donald H. Saklofske
29 Personality Disorders and the DSM: A Critical Review Mary L. Malik, Brynne E. Johannsen and Larry E. Beutler
30 Personality and Treatment Planning for Psychotherapy: The Systematic Treatment Selection Model Gary Groth-Marnat, Elisa Gottheil, Weiling Liu, David A. Clinton and Larry E. Beutler
31 Personality and Health: Current Evidence, Potential Mechanisms, and Future Directions Paula G. Williams, Timothy W. Smith and Matthew R. Cribbet
32 Anxiety, Depression, and Anger: Core Components of Negative Affect in Medical Populations Ephrem Fernandez and Robert D. Kerns
33 Personality and Alcohol Use Manuel I. Ibáñez, María A. Ruipérez, Helena Villa, Jorge Moya and Generós Ortet
34 Personality, Stress and the Determination of Smoking Behaviour in Adolescents Donald G. Byrne and Jason Mazanov
35 Personality Assessment in Organizations Robert P. Tett and Neil D. Christiansen

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