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The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods

The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods

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May 2009 | 776 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods provides a rich resource for organizational researchers, locating the technical aspects of organizational research in the wider context of the relevant personal, epistemological, theoretical, historical, ethical, and political issues.

Buchanan & Bryman have gathered together many of the world's leading writers on theory, method and analysis in organizational research and have made this the most comprehensive and cutting-edge volume in this ever-growing field. The handbook aims to:

- Provide a comprehensive critical review of contemporary issues, debates, field practice, and trends across the domain of organizational research;

- Locate current thinking, debates, and methods in the history of organizational research;

- Identify trends, theories, and issues which have the potential to shape the underpinning epistemologies, theories and methodologies of future organizational research;

- Explore strategies for bridging the gap between researchers and those who are in a position to act on research findings to influence organizational practice

The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods provides an impressively comprehensive critical review of contemporary issues, debates and trends across the domain of organizational research. It will be an indispensible reference work for all organizational researchers.

David A Buchanan and Alan Bryman
The Organizational Research Context: Properties and Implications
Stanley Deetz
Organizational Research as Alternative Ways of Attending to and Talking about Structures and activities
Dvora Yanow and Sierk Ybema
Interpretivism in Organizational Research: On Elephants and Blind Researchers
Mats Alvesson and Karen Lee Ashcraft
Critical Methodology in Management and Organization Research
Emma Bell and Edward Wray-Bliss
Research Ethics: Regulations and Responsibilities
Mark Learmonth
Rhetoric and Evidence: The Case of Evidence-Based Management
Michael D Mumford et al
Leadership Research: Traditions, Developments and Current Directions
Pushkala Prasad and Anshuman Prasad
Endless Crossroads: Debates, Deliberations and Disagreements on Studying Organizational Culture
Stewart Clegg
Doing Power Work
Robert J David and Alex B Bitektine
The Deinstitutionalization of Institutional Theory?: Exploring Divergent Agendas in Institutional Research
Roy Suddaby and Royston Greenwood
Methodological Issues in Researching Institutional Change
Alannah E Rafferty and Mark A Griffin
Job Satisfaction in Organizational Research
Glenn R Carroll et al
Studying organizational populations over time
Antonio Strati
'Do You Do Beautiful Things?' Aesthetics and Art in Qualitative Methods of Organization Studies
Marta Calás and Linda Smircich
Feminist Perspectives on Gender in Organizational Research: What Is and Yet to Be
John S Hassard
Researching Work and Institutions through Ethnographic Documentaries
Haridimos Tsoukas
Craving for Generality and Small-N Studies: A Wittgensteinian Approach towards the Epistemology of the Particular in Organization and Management Studies
Eugene F Stone-Romero
Implications of Research Design Options for the Validity of Inferences Derived from Organizational Research
Mark F Peterson
Cross-Cultural Comparative Studies and Issues in International Research Collaboration
Paul E Spector and Michael T Brannick
Common Method Variance or Measurement Bias?: The Problem and Possible Solutions
Jean-Louis Denis and Pascale Lehoux
Collaborative Research: Renewing Action and Governing Science
Christina Goulding
Grounded Theory Perspectives in Organizational Research
Michael Moss
Archival Research in Organizations in a Digital Age
Ann Langley
Studying Processes In and Around Organizations
Michael I Reed
Critical Realism: Philosophy, Method, or Philosophy in Search of a Method?
Timothy R Hinkin and Brooks C Holtom
Response Rates and Sample Representativeness: Indentifying Contextual Response Drivers
Louise Fitzgerald and Sue Dopson
Comparative Case Study Designs: Their Utility and Development in Organizational Research
David Greatbatch
Conversation Analysis in Organizational Research
Catherine Cassell
Interviews in Organizational Research
Alan Bryman
Mixed Methods in Organizational Research
Stephen Ackroyd
Research Designs for Realist Research
Nelson Phillips and MariaLaura Di Domenico
Discourse Analysis in Organizational Research: Methods and Debates
Samantha Warren
Visual Methods in Organizational Research
Carl Rhodes and Alison Pullen
Narrative and Stories in Organizational Research: an Exploration of Gendered Politics in Research Methodology
Gary Alan Fine, Calvin Morrill and Sharmi Surianarain
Ethnography in Organizational Settings
John S Hassard and David A Buchanan
From Modern Times to Syriana: Feature Films as Research Data
Charles A Scherbaum and Adam W Meade
Measurement in the Organizational Sciences: Conceptual and Technological Advances
Colin C Williams and Monder Ram
Making Visible the Hidden: Researching 'off-the-Books' Work
David Denyer and David Tranfield
Producing a Systematic Review
Ken Parry and Maree Boyle
Organizational Autoethnography
Alan Bryman and David A Buchanan
The Present and Futures of Organizational Research

Overall I found it an excellent book which is now on our recommended reading list

Dr Damien Page
Education , Greenwich University
April 3, 2012

Good clear text

Ms Denise Kingston
School of Education, Brighton University
December 14, 2011

This is an excellent course textbook which provides a good overview of research methods suitable for a wide range of organisations, not least of which is within hospitality, tourism, leisure and retailing social science research.

Excellent read. Easy to follow. Good for level 6 and postgrad m level students.

Ms Caroline Wiscombe
Hospita, Leeds Metropolitan University
December 13, 2011

This book covers the important epistemology frameworks, ethics, qualitative methods, and leadership research our students might use in our Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Leadership program.

Dr Tim Atkinson
Leadership Studies, University of Central Arkansas
November 10, 2011

Presents a wide range of epistemological, methodological and ethical issues in relation to organizational research

Mr Christian Lystbaek
Institute of Business and Technology, Aarhus University
November 10, 2011

This is a very valuable book. It is most important for students who are writing MSc or Doctoral dissertations, but not so much for the students in the class it was initially inspected for.

Dr Gunnar Oskarsson
Business Administration , University of Iceland
September 4, 2011

A wealth of material all in one place! Certainly a resource worth dipping into.

Mrs Hazel Beadle
CPD, Chichester University
June 24, 2011

excellent, very detailed collection of papers covering a wide range of topics

Dr Steve Willcocks
School of Health and Postgrad Medicine, Central Lancashire University
April 6, 2011

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