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The SAGE Handbook of Nations and Nationalism

The SAGE Handbook of Nations and Nationalism

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June 2006 | 592 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'With its list of distinguished contributors and its wide range of topics, the handbook is surely destined to become an invaluable resource for all serious students of nationalism'

- Michael Billig, Professor of Social Sciences at Loughborough University and author of 'Banal Nationalism' (SAGE 1995)

'The persistence - some would say: revival - of nationalism across the recent history of modernity, in particular the past two decades, has taken many scholars in the social sciences by surprise. In response, interest in the analysis of nationalism has increased and given rise to a great variety of new angles under which to study the phenomenon. What was missing in the cacophony of voices addressing nationalism was a volume that brought them together and confronted them with each other. This handbook does just that. It deserves particular praise for the wide range of approaches and topic included and for the systematic attempt at studying nationalism as a phenomenon of our time, not a remnant from the past'

- Peter Wagner, Professor of Social and Political Theory, European University Institute; and Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick

'For students concerned with the contemporary study of nationalism this will be an invaluable publication. The three-fold division into approaches, themes and cases is a very solid and sensible one. The editors have commissioned essays from leading scholars in the field [and]this handbook provides the best single-volume overview of contemporary nationalism'

- John Breuilly, Professor of Nationalism and Ethnicity, London School of Economics

Nationalism has long excited debate in political, social and cultural theory and remains a key field of enquiry among historians, anthropologists, sociologists as well as political scientists. It is also one of the critical media issues of our time. There are, however, surprisingly few volumes that bring together the best of this intellectual diversity into one collection.

This Handbook gives readers a critical survey of the latest theories and debates and provides a glimpse of the issues that will shape their future. Its three sections guide the reader through the theoretical approaches to this field of study, its major themes - from modernity to memory, migration and genocide - and the diversity of nationalisms found around the globe.

The overall aim of this Handbook is to relate theories and debates within and across a range of disciplines, illuminate themes and issues of central importance in both historical and contemporary contexts, and show how nationalism has impacted upon and interacted with other political and social forms and forces. This book provides a much-needed resource for scholars in international relations, political science, social theory and sociology.

Gerard Delanty and Krishan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Nationalism and the Historians
Miroslav Hroch
Modernization and Communication as Factors of Nation Formation
John A Hall
Structural Approaches to Nations and Nationalism
Johann P Arnason
Nations and Nationalisms
Between General Theory and Comparative History

Daniel A Segal and Richard Handler
Cultural Approaches to Nationalism
Lauren Langman
The Social Psychology of Nationalism
To Die for the Sake of Strangers

Michael Hechter, Tuna Kuyucu and Audrey Sacks
Nationalism and Direct Rule
Margaret Moore
Nationalism and Political Philosophy
Ruth Wodak
Discourse-Analytic and Socio-Linguistic Approaches to the Study of Nation(alism)
Syliva Walby
Gender Approaches to Nations and Nationalism
Daniel Chernilo
Methodological Nationalism and Its Critique
Philip S Gorski
Pre-Modern Nationalism
An Oxymoron? The Evidence from England

Liah Greenfeld
Modernity and Nationalism
Anthony D Smith
Ethnicity and Nationalism
Mark Juergensmeyer
Nationalism and Religion
Steve Fenton
Race and the Nation
Charles Turner
Nation and Commemoration
John D Brewer
Memory, Truth and Victimhood in Post-Trauma Societies
Bryan S Turner
Citizenship, Nationalism and Nation-Building
David McCrone
Nation and Region
In or Out of State?

Anthony King
Nationalism and Sport
Maurice Roche
Nations, Mega-Events and International Culture
Mabel Berrezin
Xenophobia and the New Nationalisms
Anna Triandafyllidou
Nations, Migrants and Transnational Identifications
An Interactive Approach to Nationalism

John Hutchinson
Hot and Banal Nationalism
The Nationalisation of `The Masses'

Siniša Maleševic
Nationalism and the Power of Ideology
Daniele Conversi
Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Nationalism
Andreas Wimmer
Ethnic Exclusion in Nationalizing States
Mark Hauggard
Nationlism and Liberalism
Gerard Delanty
Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism
The Paradox of Modernity

Paul James
Theorizing Nation Formation in the Context of Imperalism and Globalism
Douglas R Holmes
Schemata for 21st Century Europe

Chris Hann
Nation and Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe
Richard Sakwa
Nation and Nationalism in Russia
E Fuat Keyman and Suhnaz Yilmaz
Modernity and Nationalism
Turkey and Iran in Comparative Perspectives

T K Oommen
Nation and Nationalism in South Asia
Anatoly M Khazanov
Nations and Nationalism in Central Asia
David Brown
Contending Nationalisms in South-East Asia
Yoshio Sugimoto
Nation and Nationalism in Contemporary Japan
Peter Hays Gries
China and Chinese Nationalism
Ilan Pappe
Arab Nationalism
Benjamin Neuberger
African Nationalism
Susan-Mary Grant
A Nation before Nationalism
The Civic and Ethnic Construction of America

José Maurício Domingues
Nationalism in South and Central America
Peter Beilharz and Lloyd Cox
Nations and Nationalism in Australia and New Zealand

"This useful and valuable compilation contain numerous genuinely superior contributions and much up-to-date knowledge and scholarship."

O. Pi-Sunyer
Univerisity of Massachusetts at Amherst

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ISBN: 9781412901017

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