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The SAGE Handbook of Healthcare

The SAGE Handbook of Healthcare

May 2008 | 752 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
With escalating healthcare costs, changes to the regulatory control on pharmaceutical industries and the inevitable adjustments made in policies and investment in healthcare there is enormous interest in the commercial as well as the scientific aspects of today's healthcare industry.

The SAGE Handbook of Healthcare provides an authoritative analysis of the current (and anticipated) developments in the global healthcare industries. Providing a unique perspective that interfaces between the science and business aspects, it combines information on the latest scientific developments with applied, commercial business data from the global marketplace.

The Handbook focuses on the aspects of paramount importance in the healthcare sector:

- Pharmacoeconomics

- Pharmacogenomics

- Therapeutics

- Diagnostics

Areas covered include:

- The role of nanotechnology, genomics and cell therapy in medicine

- Diagnostics; Biomarkers and technological advances

- Case studies in oncology and cardiovascular and CNS therapeutics

Medicare Part D
An Outlook

Changes in US Oncology Drug Reimbursement
Medicare Sets The Pace

Prospective Payment Systems
Opportunities and Threats for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Off-label Prescribing
Overcoming the Reimbursement Barrier

Pricing and Reimbursement Issues in Neurology
Authorized Generics
Look Before You Leap

Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement in Canada
Contrasting European and US Patent Laws
Issues for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Changing Face of European Drug Registration
The Impact of Reference Pricing in Europe
Pharmaceutical Pricing, Reimbursement, and Prescribing in the United Kingdom
Pharmaceutical Pricing, Reimbursement, and Prescribing in Italy
Pharmaceutical Pricing, Reimbursement, and Prescribing in Spain
The Impact of German Reference Pricing on Statins
Opportunities and Challenges in the Japanese Market for Cancer Therapies
Cancer Therapies Face Increasing Reimbursement Pressures in Europe and Japan
The Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Environment in China
Will Point of Care Come of Age by 2010?
Has Genomics Failed to Deliver?
The Role of Pharmacogenomics in Personalized Medicine
Cell Therapy
A Decade of Opportunity

Nanotechnology in Medicine
Its Time Has Come

Clinical Proteomics
An Engine for In Vitro Diagnostics Growth?

Novel Strategies in Oncology Clinical Trials
The Use of Biological and Imaging Biomarkers

Antitumor Biologics
Strategies for Success in an Expanding Market

Outlook for Cancer Vaccine Development
Advances Imminent in Antiangiogenesis Therapeutics
Discoveries and Challenges in Early-stage Apoptosis Drug Development
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Monoclonal Antibodies Will Drive Steady Growth

Opportunities in the Pharmacotherapy of Addiction
Prevention of Organ Transplant Rejection
Current Therapies and Novel Strategies

Cardiovascular Drugs and Devices Market
Some Successes and Setbacks in Recent Years

Renin Inhibitors
A Novel Approach to Hypertension

Future of VLA-4 Antagonist Drugs and Implications for the Regulatory Process
Impact of Inhaled Insulin on the Insulin Market
Impact of the PROactive Study on the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Integrating Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Targeted Therapies
Part 1: Optimizing the Comarketing Plan
Integrating Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Targeted Therapies
Part 2: The Importance of Calculating the Return on Investment
Emerging Diagnostic Markers in Alzheimer's Disease
How are Translational Medicine Biomarkers Impacting Industry?
Unlocking the Potential of Biomarkers in Targeted Oncology
From Bioterrorism to Predictive Medicine: New Applications of Salivary Diagnostics

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ISBN: 9781847870483

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